Former Israeli Prime Minister and right-wing opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to conclude a plea deal with the Public Prosecution that ends his trial with 3 corruption files, in exchange for his confession of some of the charges he is being tried.

Legal, media and political sources in Israel have revealed that efforts are continuing behind the scenes with the aim of concluding a settlement, in which Netanyahu will be convicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust, and the bribery charge will be expunged to avoid his imprisonment.

The prosecution requires that the conviction include "stigmatization," which would ban him from political life for seven years.

Positions differ regarding this proposed settlement, but experts agree that removing Netanyahu from the Likud leadership and political life will plunge the political arena in Israel into a spiral that will push for new elections or the disintegration of the ruling coalition and the establishment of a purely right-wing government instead of the current combination.

It is reported that Netanyahu is being tried in 3 corruption cases, threatening him with imprisonment if convicted of the charges contained therein.