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Coming from the United States, the cashback makes it possible to recover a commission after each purchase in a partner brand.

A practice that is becoming more democratic in France: one in four French people has already used it according to a specialized site.

Amateurs manage to earn an average of 150 euros per year.

It's the first weekend of the 2022 winter sales. And if you give in to temptation in stores or on the Internet, know that it is possible to earn money by spending it.

It's called cashback.

A service born in the United States several years ago and which allows you to recover a commission for each purchase in a partner brand.

And in recent months, the practice has become more democratic in France.

With the boom in online commerce, cashback is constantly recruiting new followers.

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150 euros per year

Partner brands first, most of which have a storefront, but also bargain hunters who manage to earn an average of 150 euros per year.

A non-negligible sum which explains at least in part why Poupeo has recorded growth of 40% for the second consecutive year.

But according to his estimates, only one in four French people has already taken advantage of cashback. 


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So specialized companies bet everything on their sponsorship system.

“Word of mouth is essential for this type of service,” explains Thomas Sauzedde, CEO of Poulpeo.

“People say to themselves that it is not possible, that there is necessarily a scam, that it must be complicated to use … What better than it being a loved one who accompanies you? A bit like it was done five or ten years ago with the first online purchases."

Towards in-store development

Another challenge for cashback specialists, such as iGraal, the market leader or Joko, is to develop the practice directly in stores.

It has already started in mass distribution and it could spread, even among small traders.