The Bureau is an agency of the US Department of Commerce that deals with issues related to national security and high technology. 

“I am honored to lead a highly effective team of national security professionals at the Export Administration in the face of our opposition to the efforts of China, Russia, Iran, non-state actors and so on to use peaceful trade for malicious purposes,” Axelrod said.

His colleague Thea Roseman-Kendler, who also took over as assistant secretary, added that the BIS addresses issues of national security, foreign policy and the economy.

The bureau, she said, is responding to challenges “related to, among others, China, Russia, supply chains, and emerging and foundational technologies.”

Commerce Department Secretary Gina Raimondo, in turn, added during the speech that the Bureau of Industry and Security plays a key role in the US rivalry with China and strengthening the American technological superiority. 

Earlier, the United States Trade Mission called import substitution in Russia a violation of WTO rules.

In this regard, Washington intends to develop measures against Moscow.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that import substitution was a response to the unilateral sanctions of the West.