French Presidential: Valérie Pécresse to conquer farmers

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Valérie Pécresse was on Thursday January 13 in the Doubs, in the north-east of France, to meet farmers.

An electorate that counts for the right.


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While the news is centered on the health crisis and she has insisted a lot on security issues at the start of the year, Valérie Pécresse is trying to open the field by addressing rural areas where she is less supported.

The LR candidate was Thursday, January 13 in the Doubs, in the north-east of France, to meet farmers.

An electorate that counts for the right. 


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I'm going to play a little piece of alphorn to welcome him to our beautiful mountains,

" says a farmer. 

We have 45 dairy cows and 90 cattle in all, 320,000 liters of milk, milk to make county

”. On the snowy slopes of Haut-Doubs, facing Switzerland, Valérie Pécresse has put on boots, she feeds the cows with hay and tastes the local cheeses with appetite, reports our special

correspondent Lucile Gimberg.

For the president of the Ile-de-France region, going into contact with farmers is a way of breaking her very Parisian image.

False, retorts his gentleman agriculture, Xavier Bertrand: “

Explain to me which are the candidates who today would be more provincial than Valérie?

There are not any !

Where does Mr. Macron live?

Where does Mr. Zemmour live? 


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Encourage the next generation


We have people who demobilize,

continues a farmer,

who stop dairy production, who want to do something else...

" Faced with the disappearance of many farms - 100,000 less in ten years - the right-wing candidate promises tax measures to promote succession, better incomes for farmers, less paperwork - zero new transposition of European standards, for example - and renewed pride: "

I will cover agribashing


On agriculture as on other subjects, his first target is Emmanuel Macron.

But within the farmer electorate, important to LR, competition also comes from the far right.


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