Gwladys Laffitte, edited by Laura Laplaud 07:25, January 13, 2022

On the second day of his interrogation, Mohamed Abrini, accused of being involved in the planning and execution of the Paris attacks in 2015, no longer seemed to know what he wanted to say or not to the Paris Assize Court.

Sitting next to Salah Abdeslam, he repeated the words his childhood friend whispered to him.

Neither doubt nor remorse for Mohamed Abrini.

The accused was questioned on Wednesday during the November 13 attacks.

Earlier this week, Mohamed Abrini had justified the attacks in Paris.

But Wednesday, the childhood friend of Salah Abdeslam was much less talkative.

Faced with bursts of specific questions, the accused said he no longer remembered, did not like the details.

More and more blurred explanations

Mohamed Abrini sometimes searched for a long time for the right answer.

So much so that Salah Abdeslam, sitting directly next to him, seemed to be whispering to him.

"It is not to you that I am asking the questions. Your turn will come", quickly resumed the president.

In any case, the answers of his childhood friend did not convince.

Wednesday, there was talk of a mysterious trip to England in the summer of 2015. Spotting, according to investigators.

In support, this photo of Mohamed Abrini in front of the Manchester football stadium.

But when one is arrested in a case like this, "one always imagines the worst", justified the accused.


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"Perhaps because there was an attack at the Stade de France," the president said cautiously.

"None of that", however assured, often exasperated, the Belgian-Moroccan.

If he went to England, it was to recover money on behalf of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the coordinator of the attacks.

A mission entrusted to Syria, where Mohamed Abrini assured that he had not fought during these nine days there.

The questioning of the accused continues until February 4.