A teenage boy has been convicted of raping a minor girl in a home in Gothenburg in 2020. Another boy, a resident of the county, secretly filmed the incident.

The girl should not have been aware of the rape but became aware of this after receiving the film sent to her by a friend.

The filming boy was sentenced in the district court to juvenile care for abusive photography and failure to disclose or report rape of children.

However, the Court of Appeal made a different assessment.

They considered that the accused at the time could not reveal the rape crime without danger and acquitted the boy of failure to reveal the rape.

The Supreme Court rules

The public prosecutor has appealed the verdict and the Supreme Court will decide the case and whether the person can also be convicted of failure to disclose a crime.

The teenager who committed the rape was sentenced to 150 hours of youth service.

Both boys claimed that they thought the girl was over 15 years old.