Every five years, the great political rally of the presidential election keeps France and the French in suspense. This year, the first round will be held on April 10, while the second will take place on the 24th. And the various candidates will have until March 4 to collect and deposit the 500 signatures of elected officials necessary to be on the starting line. In addition to little phrases and other "stink balls", scandals and twists, a presidential campaign also generates strong images that remain in the political history of our country. Travel to rural areas, to the suburbs, to businesses, or even the organization of meetings, offer a fabulous playground for photographers covering the electoral campaign.

20 minutes

has chosen to make you experience the 2022 presidential election through the sometimes quirky eye of photojournalists.



  • Not yet officially a candidate, President Emmanuel Macron was named "personality of the year 2022" by

    La Revue du vin de France

    , for "his constant commitment to wine and its culture" on January 6.

    The day before, he declared in an interview with the


    , to be decided to "piss off" the unvaccinated "until the end".

    Well, it smacks of the electoral campaign anyway… Come on, health!

  • The finalist of the presidential election in 2017, Marine Le Pen (RN), was visiting Trèbes (Aude) on January 8.

    Destabilized by the arrival of Eric Zemmour in the far right field, she is now trying to get back to the place!

  • She took advantage of her presence in the region to share a drink with her former companion, the mayor of Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales) Louis Aliot, in front of the photographers' lenses.

    When we tell you that the countryside smells good!

  • On the right, it is Valérie Pécresse who descended the primary stairs without hindrance at Les Républicains.

    Consequently, the president of the Ile-de-France region is officially her party's candidate for the 2022 presidential election.

  • On January 6, traveling in Bouches-du-Rhône and Vaucluse, she chose to take flight on the theme of security, not by using a drone, but by bringing out an old expression used by Nicolas Sarkozy in 2005 : "I am going to bring out the Kärcher.



    in a press release,

    the Kärcher group demanded the “immediate stop of all use of its trademark”, filed in the political sphere, deploring the “inappropriate” remarks of the presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse.

  • Officially a candidate for the Elysee Palace since November 30, 2021, Eric Zemmour (Reconquest!) Is trying to garner support.

    After Philippe de Villiers, who taps here in a friendly manner on the shoulder of his little comrade, it is Guillaume Peltier who has joined the campaign team of the far-right candidate.

  • And it's rather the party!

    The future will tell us from which kingdom Eric Zemmour wears the crown ...

  • On the left, quietly warm in his down jacket, the rebellious France candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon continues his campaign.

    Credited with 11% of voting intentions in a recent Harris Interactive poll, he is racing ahead of the divided left.

  • The “envisaged” candidate for the presidential election Christiane Taubira plants a tree in the countryside!

    She announced on Sunday that she would submit to the result of the People's Primary.

  • Winner of the primary among the ecologists, Yannick Jadot (EELV) opposes an end of inadmissibility to the citizen's initiative of the popular Primary, and continues his campaign in the middle of therapeutic plants!

    Currently, he is credited with 7% of voting intention.

  • "Tell me, didn't your father tell you a secret to rally the left and win the presidential election by chance?"

    Because I'm struggling a bit at the moment, ”Anne Hidalgo seems to ask Mazarine Pingeot, the daughter of former President François Mitterrand.

    The Socialist Party candidate, stagnant at 4% in the polls, must record her refusal to participate in the idea of ​​a primary that she had launched in December, in front of the end of non-reception of her little "comrades".

    According to Senator PS Patrick Kanner, she "will quickly confirm that she will not follow the popular primary", a citizens' initiative in which Ms. Taubira will participate, from January 27 to 30.

  • Among the Communists, the candidate Fabien Roussel (2%) tries to take it with humor by reading

    Charlie Hebdo


  • While Arnaud Montebourg, the candidate for La Remontada, is still on the phone ...

  • Among the "small" candidates, on the far left, Philippe Poutou or Nathalie Arthaud will normally be there!

    On the other side, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is also a candidate.

    And by March 4, 2022, the deadline for collecting 500 signatures to officially engage in the presidential election, others will be added to the list!

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