The Slovenian people consider horses to be their best friend

A trip on board the white horses.. in the greenest country in the world

  • Visiting the Slovenia pavilion is an opportunity to learn about the traditions and customs of this people.

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The pavilion of the Republic of Slovenia at Expo 2020 Dubai provides the opportunity to roam between coastal Piran, turquoise rivers, towering castles, ancient caves, and the charming city of Ljubljana, where horses live in the stables of Triglav National Park and the Lipica farm in peace between the equestrian academy and the impressive performances of these horses. Horses were domesticated in the 16th century to the present day.

The Slovenian people consider horses the best friend of the knight, and therefore they loved them, and it is the custom of the honorable to celebrate them. The Dubai Expo was a golden opportunity to learn about the traditions and customs of this people in dealing with bright white horses.

Slovenia loved horses, as the Arabs loved them and described them more, and the Andalusian horse breeds called “Libizan horses” are still one of the oldest breeds of horses in Europe and the world, with their saddle hanging since 1580, in the most fertile areas and most suitable for the breeding of thoroughbred horses.

Through a television screen, visitors to the Expo learn about the story of the horses whose ancestors go back to Slovenia in the year 800 AD. Thoroughbred Spanish and Arabian horses.

The Slovenia Pavilion at the Dubai Expo also invites its visitors to experience stories about the unique interaction of nature, knowledge, innovation and successful business.

Slovenia symbolizes the green heart of Europe in the exhibition, addressing visitors with original images and extraordinary multimedia presentations that will allow them to experience the parts of their country of origin that Slovenes are proud of.

The design elements of the pavilion reflect the nature of Slovenia, which occupies 63 percent of its area, the greenest country in the world, which contains a large number of rivers.

The pavilion also focuses on the elements of sustainability, even in its external appearance, as it consists of longitudinal wooden structures rich in climbing and evergreen plants, and an innovative technology that prevents wastage of water is used in irrigation.

smart experience

Slovenia's pavilion - located between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea - bears the slogan "Green and Smart Experience" at the "Expo", in reference to the country's sustainable, modern and innovative nature.

Visitors will also experience stories about the unique interaction between nature, knowledge, innovation and business.