Following the rapid spread of the new corona infection, the National Governors' Association meets at an early stage to indicate the amount and timing of vaccine supply, saying that the local government may be confused over the government's policy to advance the third vaccination. There were a lot of opinions asking for it.

Following the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection in various parts of the country, the National Governors' Association met online.

Among them, opinions were expressed one after another over the government's policy to advance the third vaccination.

Governor Tanimoto of Ishikawa Prefecture said, "I strongly agree with the promotion of the third vaccination, but the local government only shows the schedule until the end of March, and reservations cannot be accepted unless the distribution after April can be foreseen." I did.

In addition, Governor Iizumi of Tokushima Prefecture requested, "Since the local government in the field may be confused, please indicate the process regarding the target, timing, supply amount, etc."

On the other hand, Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture said that the waiting period for close contacts should be shortened, such as "I want you to shorten the waiting period of 14 days based on scientific grounds." ..

Based on the discussion, the Governors' Association will inform the government of the necessity of the third vaccination in an easy-to-understand manner, provide sufficient information and financial support to the local governments involved in vaccination, and further infection. In preparation for the expansion, we have put together an urgent proposal calling for support in the development of medical and health systems.

Governor of Tokyo Koike "Expands at an astonishing speed"

Governor Koike said at the National Governors' Association that he participated online, "The latest analysis shows that the suspicion of Omicron strains among newly infected people in Tokyo exceeds 90%, and it is clear that infection control has become a battle against Omicron strains. However, in just over 10 days into the new year, the number of newly infected people has increased by about 28 times, and the Omicron strain is spreading at an astonishing speed. "

On top of that, "There is a danger that not only the medical care provision system is tight, but also the foundation of social activities may be shaken. It is a common consciousness nationwide that it is important to take effective measures without missing the timing. ".

Governor Ohno of Saitama Prefecture "There are many things that cannot be judged by the prefecture alone"

Governor Ohno of Saitama Prefecture said at a video conference of the National Governors' Association held on the 12th, "Currently, the infection is spreading at an astonishing speed and it seems that it has been almost replaced by Omicron strains. It is necessary to take the above, "he said, expressing a sense of crisis about the rapid spread of the infection.

In addition, Governor Ohno requested the government to review the shortening of medical treatment and isolation period due to the rapid increase in inpatients, and to show the knowledge and judgment criteria for medical treatment for Omicron strains. ..

After the meeting, Governor Ohno said, "Because the pace of infection spreads so fast, it is often difficult to judge what kind of case is likely to become severe only in Saitama Prefecture. I want you to show me while looking at it. "