In the headlines: in Haiti, the death of two journalists killed by gangs

View of Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

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Two journalists executed

in Laboule 12 by armed gangs

", headlines

Haiti Press Network 


John Wesley Amady of Écoute FM and Wilguens Louissaint. A third managed to escape. " 

They were to interview the gang leader called Ti Makak who is believed to be responsible for the murder of Haitian national police officer Jerry Toussaint recently in the area

 ," said the online newspaper. Along the way, their vehicle was stopped by gunmen from a rival gang. They were shot and the body of one of them burned.

The path that crosses Laboule 12, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, explains


is the subject of intense fighting between several armed bands who want to ensure control

 ", because it is " 

the only one .

alternative land route to reach the southern half of the country, unable to take the national road completely controlled by one of the most powerful gangs in Haiti



recalls the murders and disappearances of journalists in Haiti for twenty years.

None has been resolved, insists the newspaper, because of " 

the great weakness of the Haitian judicial system


On the spot

 " in the investigation into the assassination of Jovenel Moïse? 

Le Nouvelliste

examines the report of the National Human Rights Network on the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

And the RNDDH denounces an " 


 " investigation: according to the report, no judicial investigation is currently being conducted by the investigating magistrate, who, on the contrary, accuses the National Human Rights Network, " 

uses his position to , with the complicity of its clerk, intimidating people and attempting to extort property from them


The RNDDH calls for an investigation, reports

Le Nouvelliste.

He also demands that " 

the tragic assassination of President Jovenel Moïse

 " be clarified.  

Joe Biden breaks the silence against Donald Trump

This Thursday, during the commemorations of the assault launched on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, US President Joe Biden delivered a speech of unprecedented gravity, in which he particularly insisted on the responsibility of his predecessor Donald Trump (without never name it). In the United States, all the press in the United States notes that the president was much more direct than usual about his predecessor - just look at the headlines: " 

Biden attacks to Trump in a fiery speech


The Hill,

Biden slams Trump

 "for the

Wall Street Journal.

As for

El Diario,

the American daily in Spanish, he confines himself to repeating in front page the words of Joe Biden: "Liar



This speech had all the more effect, explains the

Washington Post,

that " 

during the first year of the Biden presidency, Donald Trump was the name not to be pronounced

 " - not to give him more media space than it already had;

and thus, according to the

New York Times


to divert the country from the divisions of its predecessor


It did not work

 ", notes the newspaper: this Thursday, Joe Biden therefore attacked directly "

Donald Trump and Trumpism


Democracy in danger

Joe Biden particularly insisted on the dangers which threaten American democracy, notes the press


Sadly, Donald Trump and his followers have progressed in their rewriting of history, making believe that a year ago, not much had happened

 ": fear, analysis in an editorial in the

Boston Globe,

is that demagoguery ends up defeating democracy

 " ... And yesterday, the warning of the president " 

was amplified

 ", welcomes the newspaper, for whom this speech was " 

perhaps the most important of all those pronounced during his career


But if " 

Biden has exposed the stakes for democracy, can he defend it




The question

 ", insists a professor of law questioned by the newspaper " 

is to know what the administration can do and will do to fulfill in fact these promises to protect our democracy


In Argentina, more than 100,000 Covid infections in 24 hours

This is a first for the country, and it is on the front page of


 which states: 109,608 cases and 40 deaths. In

La Nación,

health experts stress the need for the population to receive the third dose of vaccine to cope with the advance of the Omicron variant. And

El Día

 echoes the warning from the Ministry of Health: contagions are on the rise among children aged 3 to 11 and pediatricians asking that they be vaccinated before school resumes.

More broadly,

La Nacíon

is sorry that " 

the record of more than

100,000 cases does not seem to have reached the Atlantic coast

 ", more precisely the seaside town of Pinamar, where this Thursday " 

thousands of young people

 " gathered to dance.

The photos of the event do indeed give the impression of seeing a gigantic anthill, which is to say the absence of social distancing ...


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