Louise Sallé, edited by Solène Delinger 07:11, January 07, 2022

The Ministry of National Education retropedale.

The new health protocol, barely implemented, has just been amended.

If a new case is identified within seven days, students will not have to restart their three-test course.

How do the schools plan to organize themselves?

Europe 1 takes stock. 

The government is backing down.

The new health protocol that had just been put in place in schools was finally relaxed.

It will no longer be necessary to restart the course of three Covid screening tests if a new positive case is detected in the class.

This positive case must be identified within seven days. 

One test run per week 

First of all, there are some things that don't change.

If a friend of your child on Monday, for example, tests positive.

Your child, if in contact, must perform an antigen test on Monday and then two tests on D + 2 and D +4.

On the other hand, if on Tuesday, another classmate is declared positive, no need now to repeat the course of the three tests for your child.

One route per week is sufficient. 

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Exhausted parents

Another novelty of this update of the protocol: the tests on D + 2 and D +4 can be antigenic and not necessarily self-tests, given that pharmacies are regularly out of stock.

Also, there is no longer a class closure as soon as we reach three cases of Covid, but only "depending on the situation" and "in the presence of a very large number of cases", according to Education national.

But it is a logistics which remains complicated.

Magali, near Rennes, has two daughters who are in contact.

"We use our energy to adapt to this protocol, whereas if the National Education had these self-tests, we would not be there running all the time," she laments at the microphone of Europe 1. Exhaustion is therefore already winning over the parents, while this gymnastics of tests is far from over.