Hu Heping, Minister of Culture and Tourism, stated at the 2022 National Conference of Directors of the Department of Culture and Tourism on January 6 that the requirements for epidemic prevention and control must be implemented without relaxation, and that epidemic prevention and control work must be done scientifically, accurately, and variously. Prevention and control measures such as facilities, venues, activities, etc., improve the cross-provincial tourism "fuse" mechanism, and the epidemic prevention forecast mechanism for tourist hotspots, promote the normalization of "limits, appointments, and peak shifts" to prevent the spread of the epidemic through cultural and tourism activities.

  Hu Heping said that efforts should be made to overcome the impact of the epidemic and promote the recovery and development of the industry.

At present, the restoration and development of the cultural and tourism industries are still facing great difficulties.

Overcoming the impact of the epidemic and solving practical difficulties must be regarded as important tasks at present and in the future.

We must take a long-term view, adapt to the new situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control, guide cultural and tourism market entities to optimize business strategies, provide targeted products and services, so that people can get cultural nourishment and enjoy travel time during the epidemic.

  It is understood that the cultural and tourism department will focus on alleviating difficulties for market players and practitioners, continue to promote the pilot work of the reform of the tourism service quality guarantee fund, and organize small and medium-sized cultural and tourism enterprise service months and other activities to help market players survive and restore their vitality. Achieve development.

(Reporters Zhou Wei, Yu Junjie)