(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) In 2021, 7 vaccines in China will be approved for use and 2 vaccines will be included in the global emergency use list

  China News Service, Beijing, January 6 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The reporter learned from the China 2022 National Science and Technology Work Conference held in Beijing on the 6th in the form of video, that China has made new progress in science and technology to fight the epidemic in 2021, and 14 vaccines have been approved for development. In phase III clinical trials, 7 vaccines were approved for use, and 2 vaccines were included in the global emergency use list.

  The meeting pointed out that 2021 is the first year of China’s "14th Five-Year Plan". The national science and technology community has promoted solid implementation of various tasks. Scientific and technological innovation will play a role in preventing and controlling epidemics, promoting high-quality development, building a new development pattern, and ensuring national security. It played an important role in achieving a good start to the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the country's comprehensive ranking of innovation capabilities rose to 12th in the world.

  According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, in 2021, China will vigorously promote the in-depth integration of technology and economy and society to support and lead high-quality development to achieve new results.

Among them, scientific and technological anti-epidemic progress has been made, 14 vaccines have been approved for phase III clinical trials, 7 vaccines have been approved for use, and 2 vaccines have been included in the global emergency use list.

The first effective drug for neutralizing antibodies was approved for marketing, and 65 testing reagents were launched.

  The new achievements also include: technological innovation leads the innovation and development of modern industries, breakthroughs in 5G full-scenario applications and complete machine research and development, integration of new energy vehicles, new display innovation chains and industrial chains, accelerated development of the artificial intelligence industry, and consolidation and expansion of science and technology to tackle poverty. The results and the promotion of rural revitalization have been significant; science and technology strongly support the improvement of people's livelihood, the preparation of science and technology support carbon peak carbon neutral action plan, carbon neutral technology development roadmap, air pollution joint prevention and control, and clean and efficient use of coal to accelerate the application and promotion of technologies ; The results of the Science and Technology Winter Olympics are fully applied in the test competition.

  In terms of scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, in 2021, inter-governmental scientific and technological cooperation will be carried out in an orderly manner. China will host the China-Russia Year of Scientific and Technological Innovation with high quality, promote exchanges between China and the United States and China and Europe in anti-epidemic scientific research and promote scientific and technological cooperation with ASEAN, Latin America and Central and Eastern European countries. Make new progress.

The "Belt and Road" scientific and technological cooperation has been intensified, and the scientific community has been supported to take the lead in leading relevant international scientific projects. China has officially become a member of the Square Kilometer Array Observatory.

Promote the participation of universities and scientific research institutions in Hong Kong and Macau in key national research and development projects.

  At the same time, the leading role of China's innovation highlands continues to increase, and Beijing, Shanghai, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area rank among the top 10 global technology clusters.

  The National Science and Technology Work Conference in 2022 believes that China's science and technology industry has achieved historical, holistic, and structural changes, and its scientific and technological strength has jumped to a new level and smoothly entered the ranks of innovative countries.