"Produced in Guangzhou" film creator Golden Rooster Award triumphantly shared the creative story behind

"Bay Area Movies Will Become a Big Trend"

  At the 34th China Film Golden Rooster Awards, 4 films produced by Guangzhou won 6 nominations. After Guangzhou Film won 3 nominations and two awards at the Golden Rooster Awards in 2020, it set a new record high.

Yesterday, the Guangzhou award-winning film media sharing meeting was held in Guangzhou. Representatives of the winning team from Kaixuan shared their experience in the creation of award-winning films, future plans, and the development of Guangzhou film.

  "Nan Yue Gong Ci" Team:

  Will also create a number of fine Cantonese opera movies

  (The 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards Best Opera Film Award)

  Yang Lu, deputy director of Guangzhou Radio and Television Station, said that the Cantonese opera film produced in Guangzhou won the highest award of Chinese film again. It is an active practice of the creative transformation and innovative development of Lingnan’s outstanding traditional culture. It is the implementation of the "Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Film Boutique Project" by Guangzhou City. One of the series of achievements is also the result of Guangzhou's efforts to strengthen the protection and innovative development of Lingnan's traditional art over the years.

  "Nan Yue Gong Ci" is adapted from the Cantonese opera of the same name and filmed by the Guangzhou Cantonese Opera. It is directed by the famous director Ma Chongjie. The Cantonese opera artist Mei Hua Award winner Ou Kaiming and the outstanding young Huadan Li Jiayi starred and nearly a hundred cast and crew members of the Cantonese Opera Participate in the filming of the performance together.

"Nan Yue Gong Ci" uses the unique communication advantages of the film to show more audiences the profoundness of Cantonese opera art. This is not only the protection of this intangible cultural heritage, but also the promotion and innovation of Cantonese opera culture.

  ""Nan Yue Gong Ci" was filmed with ultra-high-definition technology to reproduce the grand scene of the ancient South Vietnam in a panoramic view. A total of 3 studios were used to set up the scenes, including the core scenes, setting and props of the Nanyue Palace, Underground Palace, Royal Garden, and Shanzhai. Various elements such as bronze vessels, ancient totems, golden flute statues are reproduced, supplemented by virtual scenes, to show the majestic palaces and the magical and romantic style of the ancient South Vietnam.” Yang Lu introduced, the film adopts internationally leading virtual scenes. Technology, innovation and fusion of art and technology have given new vigor to ancient operas.

  Yang Lu said that with the great attention and nurturing support of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the "Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Film Project" sponsored by the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism was launched in September 2018. The project plan will be 10 projects. The large-scale Cantonese opera filming became a Cantonese opera film, and it was released and screened worldwide.

The filming of "Wedding on the Execution Ground", "Nan Yue Palace Ci", "Rui Wang and Concubine" and "Fan Lixian Xi Shi" has been completed. Among them, "Rui Wang and Zhuang Concubine" has been filmed, and "Fan Lixian Xi Shi" is in the late stage of intense tension. making.

  "Bomb Disposal Expert 2" Team:

  Optimistic about the future development of "Bay Area Movies"

  (The Best Editing Award of the 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards)

  Directed by Qiu Litao, produced by Andy Lau and starred, the movie "The Hurt Locker 2" starring Liu Qingyun and Ni Ni won the Best Editing Award of the Golden Rooster Awards.

  The film's visual impact, interlocking storylines, and exciting performances won the audience's love with its "burning and refreshing" visual impact. The box office of the film exceeded 1.3 billion yuan.

  "The Bomb Disposal Expert 2 was all shot on the spot in Hong Kong landmarks. The explosion scene was very intense, with more than 120 shooting scenes, which is more than double the amount of normal shooting. This brings great difficulty to the editing of the film and requires an editor. He has a solid foundation, a tacit understanding with the director, and superb skills in the re-creation of the script." Wu Wei, the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Yingming Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., who participated in the production of the film, said that the award-winning Mr. Zhong Weizhao learned from "Expert 1" began to edit the film, "Thank you very much for bringing such a good work."

  Guangzhou Yingming Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of rich experience in co-productions between Guangdong and Hong Kong, and has participated in the production of "Escape from the Dead", "Dangerous City", "Narcotics", and "Bomb Disposal Expert" series and many other big-selling works.

  Wu Wei said that the Golden Rooster Award will bring more inspiration to Yingming Culture in the co-production of Guangdong and Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong's film industry has a very good foundation, especially in terms of technology. The mainland is relatively strong in the production of film story content. The cooperation between the two parties can promote the development of each other's film industry. Combining each other's strengths and experience in technology, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area's strong support for the film and television industry, there is a lot to be done in the future."

  At present, Yingming Culture has a number of Guangdong-Hong Kong co-production films in preparation, including the filmed "Sweeping Drugs 3" and the "Bomb Disposal Experts 3" which is in the preparatory period.

In Wu Wei's view, Hong Kong and Mainland films have a good industrial integration.

Breaking through geographical restrictions and creating "Bay Area Movies" will become a major trend in domestic films.

  At this Golden Rooster Awards, the film "Chinese Doctor" led by Guangdong Bona Film Media Co., Ltd. and Zhujiang Film Group Co., Ltd. won three nominations and finally won the Best Music Award.

"Chinese Doctor" is Bona's first masterpiece after the establishment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area headquarters in Nansha, Guangzhou.

At the sharing meeting, the film's music director Chen Guangrong expressed his feelings about winning the award through the video, and especially thanked Guangdong for its strong support for this film.

  It’s not accidental that “produced in Guangzhou” has achieved great success again

  The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee stated that it is not accidental that Guangzhou films have been well-known in China in the past two years, but benefited from the overall improvement of the Guangzhou film industry, which is mainly reflected in the "five ones"-building a platform and building a project , Produce a batch of excellent films, hold a series of screening activities, and build a batch of infrastructure.

It is hoped that Guangzhou films will become better and better, will give birth to more outstanding Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao cooperation outstanding films, and promote more national key film projects to settle in Guangzhou.

At the same time, I hope that the establishment of the Guangzhou Film and Television Industry Service Center will provide professional services for the entire industry chain for Lai Guangzhou or local film companies. More and more film and television crews are welcome to film in Guangzhou.

  All media reporter Huang An