Two versions continue to diverge sharply since the serious accident suffered by the young Anna-Chloé (11 years old) on December 15 in her college in Chambéry.

This one again assured to have been the victim of a racist attack, by being pushed in the back, Monday during the program

Touche pas à mon poste

on C8.

According to her lawyer, Me Mourad Battikh, also invited Tuesday by


, the teenager of Cameroonian origin has experienced "gradually harassment".

The lawyer for the establishment Pierre Perez, for his part, relativized this alleged harassment and maintained that, during the "accident of December 15", all the testimonies and elements of the investigation corroborated that Anna-Chloé had fallen. alone against a bench. Mourad Battikh spoke on Tuesday of a previous incident within the college, on November 29, during which "she was molested, her head was put in a locker by treating her as a" big right whale "". But a student who witnessed the scene "was not auditioned," says the lawyer, criticizing the prosecution for "demonstrating a single thesis, that of Anna-Chloe falling by herself on a bench".

"I'm shocked (...) Anna-Chloé is experiencing harassment"

Anna-Chloé's lawyer faces the college lawyer who refutes the accusations of the 11-year-old girl.


- TPMP (@TPMP) January 4, 2022

"A teaching team on the verge of breaking up"

“It's entirely possible that there were a few words between 11-year-olds.

But nothing went back to management, ”said Pierre Perez.

The Albertville prosecutor's office, which he cited, reaffirmed Tuesday that the statements of the student and his mother "are contradicted by all the elements collected to date in the context of the investigation, and in particular the numerous testimonies collected from teachers and students who were able to witness the scene ”.

"None corroborates the version of an assault," insists the prosecution.

According to a supervisor, a witness, Anna-Chloe was running to join her comrades who had already returned to class, while one of her laces was untied.

Last month, the case ignited social networks and the director of the college, who received "death threats", is "under police protection", according to his lawyer, who also refers to "a teaching team on the verge of rupture ”.


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