• Yannick Jadot visited the CFA “Environmental Professions” in Artigues, the Food Bank in Bordeaux, and ended the day with a conference at Sciences Po.

  • The Food Bank has warned of a substantial increase in its beneficiaries since the Covid-19 crisis, in particular due to growing student insecurity.

  • The EELV candidate intends to answer it with an automatic citizen income of 880 euros per month, for anyone at least 18 years old.

Looking for a new lease of life.

In difficulty in the polls, the environmentalist presidential candidate Yannick Jadot came to Bordeaux on Wednesday seeking a breath of fresh air, on a land conquered by his camp during the last municipal elections.

Dedicated to young people, his trip was marked by a visit to the CFA “Environmental Professions” in Artigues, and the Food Bank in Bordeaux, the day ending with a conference at Sciences Po.

To a CFA student, he promised to respond to the “eco-anxiety” of the new generation by his project to green the country.

After a transfer by bus which "runs on rapeseed", he spent about an hour at the Food Bank of Bordeaux and Gironde, where it was mainly a question of student precariousness.

The Food Bank of Bordeaux, which distributes 4,000 tonnes of food every year, has indeed seen the number of its beneficiaries drop from 18,000 per week, before the Covid-19 crisis, to 22,000 now.

"These additional beneficiaries have emerged, among other things, through new partnerships that we have forged with Crous and Atena (Territorial Association of Students in Aquitaine)" underlined Benoît Mathieu, vice-president in charge of supplies at the Food Bank.

"If tomorrow we no longer have the means to buy these food products, we do not know how we are going to do it"

"At the start of the crisis, we received a distress call from Crous to ask us if something could be done, in particular with regard to foreign students who could not return home," says Pierre Pouget, president of the network of Food Banks in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. In ten days, we put in place logistics to prepare 8 to 10 kg of food parcels each week. We have thus helped up to 800 students every week on the Bordeaux campus. “In all, some 550 t have been distributed over the past twenty months, to 20,000 students throughout the Gironde.

Aid from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region "of 860,000 euros" enabled the Food Bank to be able to buy "the food resources that we lack, due to an explosion in demand" and a decrease in donations.

But Pierre Pouget worried: “If tomorrow we no longer have the means to buy these food products, we don't know how we are going to do it.


"Young people were the most affected psychologically"

For the candidate Yannick Jadot, “in a society as rich as ours, there is no reason why we should have so many people below the poverty line. There is something totally unacceptable there ”. "In our project, we provide for an automatic citizen income, at the level of the poverty line, or 880 euros per month," he added. Our will is to take it to the countryside as a requirement to eradicate great poverty. Our goal is that anyone from the age of 18 can access this citizen income. Our country has the means for this policy, so there is no reason to continue without it. "

The EELV candidate also believes that "in this Covid crisis, young people were the least affected from the point of view of mortality, but they were unquestionably the excluded, the forgotten, at whatever cost.

"And to add that" they are the ones who were most affected psychologically.


Decreasing collection from supermarkets

Several students, working voluntarily with the Food Bank, were present on Wednesday to make the presidential candidate aware of their difficulties. "During the crisis, and especially during the first confinement, many students found themselves on the floor, with no real possibility of having an income, recalls Hugo Lopes, vice-president in charge of the defense of rights and the fight against discrimination at the Atena federation. We realize today that students are also paying the consequences of these confinements with the increase in the cost of living in a global way, and the precariousness is more and more important. "

The Atena association has created a solidarity grocery store, Le Comptoir d'Aliénor, which operates on a daily basis on the Bordeaux campus thanks to the Food Bank.

“This grocery store provides everything that is hygienic and food products at a lower cost,” explains Hugo Lopes.

Today, we have a little over a hundred beneficiaries, including foreign students.


Faced with these growing demands, the resources of the Food Bank are diminishing.

“Of the 4,000 t that we distribute per year, 1,600 t come from daily collection from large retailers, but this is on the decline, because large retailers manage their stores better, and because we have a higher percentage of waste ”alerted Benoît Mathieu.


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