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Question: Let us marching toward the future - President Xi Jinping read product in 2022 New Year message

  Xin Zhiping

  Facing the sunshine of the new year, China has embarked on a new departure in the new era.

"Let's move towards the future together!" On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year's message in 2012, looking back affectionately on 2021, looking forward to the new journey with confidence, and igniting the passion of millions of people.

  On social platforms, topics such as "heart-warming words in New Year's greetings" have been on the hot search lists on the Internet; there are many stories of Chinese people who are enthusiastic and forward-looking.

"The motherland is the source of our self-confidence and gives us infinite strength", the netizen's message expresses the common aspirations of dream chasers.

  Looking back on the extraordinary 2021, we understand the unswerving original mission of the Chinese Communists from the turbulent century of party history, and listen to the sonorous voice of the great powers from the fruitful development report. From the "people's worries, I must read It is; what the people hope, I will do it." A solid move to understand what is "the weight of a great country", from the hard work of ordinary heroes, feel the torrent of the era of pursuing dreams and realizing dreams... The amiable and respectable people are developing with each passing day. The continuous inheritance of the business supports a persistent and prosperous new era China, and gathers the firm confidence and majestic strength of "together with the future".

  "Together to the future" is a heroic declaration of a bright future.

At the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping solemnly declared: The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process.

"Irreversible" is because national rejuvenation is what the people want, the general trend, and a great cause of peace and justice. No one or any force can stop the Chinese people from pursuing a better life; it is because after generations of hard work, we With perfect institutional guarantees, a solid material foundation, and active spiritual power to realize the Chinese Dream, we have never been so close to a great dream, and our confidence and strength in realizing a great dream have never been stronger.

After the tragic years and standing at a new historical starting point, China has an infinitely bright future for development, and we are extremely determined in our hearts-the future will definitely be better!

  "Together to the future", agitated the passion of continuous struggle.

The dream has a high degree, and it should be marked with the spirit of perseverance and perseverance; the road ahead is not smooth, and it should be developed with the struggle of "being vast and fine."

Whether it is to achieve the second centenary goal or to make every household live a better life, it will not be possible to reach it overnight. It requires hard work.

A thousand miles begins with a single step.

As long as we anchor our development goals, make unremitting efforts to climb, and make solid progress one step at a time, we will definitely be able to reach the other side of our dreams.

  "Together to the future" sounded the clarion call for unity and forge ahead.

Strength is born of unity. Whether it is the united efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, or the help in the midst of rainstorms, at every critical juncture, the Chinese can always think about one place and move forward with strength, and together they have overcome one difficulty after another.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation can never be achieved with ease and drumming.

On the new journey, there are still many risks and challenges.

Unite as one, mountains and seas can be ridden;

In the past, we have relied on unity and struggle through thousands of rivers and mountains; in the future, we will continue to move forward with one heart, roll up our sleeves and work hard to create even more brilliant brilliance.

  "The world looks forward to China, and China is ready." In more than a month, we will usher in the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

The blazing Olympic flame will witness the historic moment when China and the world will realize the dream together, and will write a new chapter of civilization "together to the future".

Let us start again with our vigorous spirit, bloom our dreams in the struggle, and rush to the distance in the endeavor.