The New York stock market, which was the first transaction on the 3rd, hit a new high as the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose due to expectations for the future of the economy.

The closing price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the New York Stock Market on the 3rd reached a record high of $ 36,585,6 cents, which was (2021) 24.76 cents higher than the end of last year.

Immediately after the start of the transaction, buying and selling were mixed, but after that, buying orders exceeded due to expectations for the future of the economy.

In particular, the stock price of the IT giant Apple has risen, and the market capitalization has temporarily exceeded 3 trillion dollars, or about 340 trillion yen in Japanese yen for the first time.

On the other hand, in the New York bond market, U.S. government bonds are sold against the background of concerns that record inflation may be prolonged due to the influence of a new mutant virus, the spread of infection of Omicron strains, and the long-term interest rate is about 1. It rose to the 1.6% level for the first time in a month.

Market officials said, "In order to see the economy this year, the market's interest is focused on the central bank, the Fed's response to inflation, which is scheduled to be announced on the 5th. The content of the minutes of the December meeting is drawing attention. "