Prime Minister Kishida announced his impressions at the beginning of the 4th year of Reiwa.

He emphasizes his determination to manage the administration while listening to the voices of the people, with the aim of flexibly taking necessary measures to counter the new coronavirus and working to realize "new capitalism."

Among them, Prime Minister Kishida said that he was "faced with the threat of a new mutant strain called Omicron strain" regarding the measures against the new corona, and took necessary measures such as shortening the interval for the third vaccination and spreading the drug. It shows the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking agile measures.

On that basis, he stated that "if we struggle with the new corona, we should aim for the realization of" new capitalism "" and pursue economic sustainability through a "virtuous cycle of growth and distribution." I am.

In terms of diplomacy, he has expressed his intention to start full-scale summit diplomacy and promote "new era realism diplomacy" centered on the emphasis on universal values, and deepen the debate in the Diet regarding constitutional amendment. , Is supposed to arouse national debate.

"While listening to the voices of many people, I am determined to make a firm decision from the perspective of what is best for the people and produce results. Even if the policy is once decided, I will respond flexibly without hesitation." As a result, he emphasizes his determination to manage the administration.