China News Service, December 31. According to the Greek "China-Greece Times" report, on the evening of December 30, local time, the National Public Health Organization of Greece announced that in the past 24 hours, there had been 35,580 new confirmed cases of new crown in Greece, refreshing the day for 4 consecutive days. Increase the highest record.

Faced with the continued spread of the epidemic, the Greek government will adjust the new crown epidemic prevention policy.

Data map: Athens, Greece, people enjoying drinks at an open-air coffee shop.

Experts predict that the daily increase in cases may reach 100,000

  According to the report, the situation of the new crown epidemic in Greece is severe. On the 30th, Greek expert in infectious disease Gogos predicted that the number of confirmed cases of new crown will continue to increase, and the possibility of a daily increase of 100,000 cases cannot be ruled out.

  He said that it is still in the stage of collecting data related to the Omi Keron variant of the new crown virus.

However, Omi Keron is highly transmissible. Although the booster vaccine can prevent people from becoming severely ill after infection, even those who have been fully vaccinated may be infected.

The validity period of the new crown vaccine certificate will be adjusted

  Greek Minister of Health Pryfries announced on the 30th that the validity period of the country's new crown vaccine certificate will change.

If the holder does not vaccinate the booster shot, the certificate may expire 7 months after issuance. After that, the booster shot must be vaccinated to renew the validity of the certificate, otherwise it will be deemed as not vaccinated.

He said that this is almost a "fixed decision", and the specific announcement will be made after the new year.

  Prefries also said that the government is considering expanding the range of people who are compulsory vaccinated to over 50 years old.

School epidemic prevention measures may be adjusted

  The “China-Greece Times” quoted the “Daily” report that the Greek Ministry of Education plans to use rapid tests for teachers and students instead of self-testing to control the new crown cases on campus when the school starts on January 10, 2022.

  In addition, according to the current epidemic prevention policy, offline classroom teaching activities will stop when the number of confirmed infections exceeds 50% in a class in a school, and will be changed to online remote teaching. The Ministry of Education hopes to reduce this proportion to 30%.

  A source from the Greek government said that with the development of the epidemic, taking into account the actual situation at the beginning of 2022, the epidemic prevention policy for schools may need to be adjusted appropriately.

  In addition, the National Public Health Organization of Greece has updated the new crown isolation policy, and the isolation time for people with mild or asymptomatic infections has been shortened from the previous 10 days to 5 days.