At the end of October, Donald Trump announced its own short message service.

With this he wanted to defend himself against the supposed "tyranny of big tech".

In other words, against his banning from Twitter and Facebook.

It was pronounced after he incited his supporters to storm the Capitol on January 6 of this year.

"Truth Social", as the platform is called, should start in November with a beta version for selected users.

Whoever visits the website will still be invited to "pre-order" in the app store: "Put yourself on the waiting list!"

You have been waiting a while for the Trump platform, which has been announced again and again.

According to press reports, negotiations with the conservative network Parler, which at the time hoped to distinguish itself as an anti-Twitter, were already underway in the summer of 2020.

Trump was to receive a forty percent stake for his exclusive appearance on Parler.

But the plans failed.

Trump said Parler lacks the capacity for his fan base;

the meanwhile hunted Parler boss John Matze claimed he had concerns about Trump's egomania.

So far it has only been announced

In January of this year, Trump had already fueled rumors about his own app with the statement that he was "talking to numerous people"; in February, spokesman Jason Miller launched speculation about a Trump network in Australian and New Zealand media - Australia is home to media mogul and Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch. Miller started the short message service Gettr in July, on which Trump has not yet been active.

In May, Trump actually started a project, albeit neither a short message service nor an online portal, but with a blog with the awkward name “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump”.

Trump's people advertised the whole thing as a "beacon of freedom," but reader interest was low.

After less than a month it was over.

So now “Truth Social”, a social network that positions itself as a forum for freedom of speech and expression and its name suggests that it has leased the truth.

Posts are called truths here.

According to the Washington Post, the terms “truthing” and “retruth” have already been legally protected.

Connections to China

Truth Social will be part of the newly formed Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) and, as Donald Trump Jr. said at Fox News, it will start in early 2022.

This is to be done with the help of a company called Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), a special purpose vehicle for the IPO of TMTG.

This company is run by the former investment banker Patrick Orlando, its CFO is the Brazilian and Bolsonaro ally Luiz Philippe de Orléeans e Bragança.

Following the announcement of the merger between Digital World Acquisition and TMTG, DWAC shares temporarily shot up.

They currently retail for $ 53, more than 400 percent off the starting price of $ 10.