China News Service, December 29th, a comprehensive report that the Los Angeles, California police shot at a department store last week while suppressing troublemakers. A stray bullet accidentally killed 14-year-old Valentina.

Valentina's father said that her daughter had promised that the United States was "the safest country in the world", but now "died in the hands of this country." 

  According to reports, the local police said that they received a report on the 23rd stating that there was a suspected shooting at the Burlington store in North Hollywood, and they immediately went to the location of the incident.

  The monitor screen in the department store showed that before the police arrived, a man was ramming in the store with a bicycle lock.

He beat several people and then hit a woman on the head and body.

  The footage released by the police showed that several police officers arrived at the scene armed with guns.

Before long, they found the suspect. One of the police officers opened fire on the suspect. The man fell to the ground and was handcuffed by the police.

  In the pre-Christmas shopping boom, Valentina and her mother shopped in Los Angeles stores and bought new clothes to celebrate their 15th birthday.

At the time of the incident, Valentina was in the fitting room. The police fired a stray bullet through the wall. She was shot and killed on the spot.

  Police Chief Moore (Michel Moore) said that he has ordered a thorough investigation of the police use of a gun.

  According to CNN, the Valentinas are from Chile.

After the incident, Valentina's father flew from Chile to Los Angeles.

He told reporters that his daughter had assured him that the United States was "the safest country in the world."

  "Her only wish is to become an American citizen. I once told her, let's leave this country.'No, Dad.' She said,'This is the safest country in the world, a country full of opportunities.'" Tina's father said.

"Now my daughter is dead in the hands of this country." US "Capitol Hill" reported.

  The Hispanic civil rights group The Latin American Citizens Union also stated that the police officers present at the scene were too reckless.

LULAC chairman Domingo Garcia said: "The well-trained Los Angeles police failed to confirm whether the suspect had a weapon in the first place, and they opened fire in a crowded department store during the Christmas shopping peak. It is impossible to justify."