In Bali, Indonesia, a resort area popular with Japanese tourists, Japanese tourists have appealed to strengthen infection control measures in tourist areas in an attempt to rebuild the tourism industry that was hit by the new coronavirus. We are focusing on attracting tourists.

The Indonesian government has resumed accepting tourists from some countries in the resort area of ​​Bali and other areas since October, provided that vaccination with the new coronavirus has been completed.

However, direct flights from overseas, including Japan, to Bali have not resumed, and foreign tourists have not recovered due to isolation for 10 days after entering Japan.

For this reason, the Indonesian government conducted its first local tour of the Japanese media on the 27th, and introduced measures for infection control at tourist destinations.

Of these, in the traditional Balinese performing art called Kecak Dance, which was held at a temple in a tourist resort, all dancers are required to wear masks and the audience is required to be vaccinated at least once. I was doing a performance while doing it.

More than 200,000 Japanese tourists visit Bali every year, and the direct flight from Haneda Airport was scheduled to resume on the 5th of this month, but it was postponed due to the influence of Omicron stock.

In Indonesia, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus per day has been around 100 people a day, but Japanese tourists such as the government appealing to strengthen infection control in tourist areas in order to rebuild the tourism industry. We are focusing on attracting tourists.

Support for Japanese hotel nurses and PCR tests

Full-scale operation of Japanese resort hotels in Bali is expected to take some time, as direct flights to Bali have not resumed.

Of these, at Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach, where about 80% of the guests were foreign tourists from Japan and other countries, the occupancy rate of guest rooms was about 30% during the year-end and New Year holidays, which were usually full. It means that you are staying.

At the hotel, we are focusing on attracting tourists by creating a video that introduces the charm of Bali and publishing it on YouTube so that Japanese people can visit Bali again.

In addition, we are improving services such as establishing a system to receive support from nurses in partnership with hospitals and receiving PCR tests in the hotel so that guests can stay with peace of mind. ..

Masaya Hasebe, General Manager, said, "Bali is made up of foreign tourists, so it cannot be met by the demand of domestic tourists. There are three conditions: resumption of direct flights from each country, issuance of tourist visas, and exemption from isolation. If it is not cleared, I think foreign tourists will not come back easily. "