From Al Wasl Square to the Jubilee Podium

Abir Palestine.. Fills the "Expo" area on its National Day

  • Cinematography: Mostafa Qassemi

  • Manal Moussa sent a message of love to the audience, wishing them and Palestine all happiness and peace.

  • Tony Kattan ignited nostalgia with his patriotic and traditional songs, which he performed in his melodious voice.


From Al Wasl Square, through the Palestinian Pavilion, to the Jubilee Podium, Expo 2020 Dubai was adorned with the heritage, culture and fragrance of the dear land, during the Palestine National Day celebrations at the International Exhibition.

The celebrations began with the ceremonies of raising the flags of the Emirates and Palestine in Al Wasl Square, and were interspersed with cultural performances that embodied the authentic Palestinian heritage, in Al Wasl Square and the Pavilion of the State of Palestine, and other places in the site of "Expo 2020 Dubai".

Najeeb Al-Ali, Executive Director of the Office of the Commissioner-General of Expo 2020 Dubai, said, "The Palestine Pavilion, with its unique design and creative richness, presents a wonderful and innovative image of the rich and timeless heritage of Palestine throughout all stages of its long history.

The participation of Palestine in this huge international event has profound implications for the creativity of the Palestinians and its close relationship to the human heritage through the ages.

He added: "The pavilion also reviews developments and business opportunities available in Palestine across various sectors, as well as products that are manufactured in Palestine, such as cement, textiles, olive wood products and food products, and provides us with an overview of the various developments in the fields of education, arts, culture, innovation and technology."

For his part, the Palestinian Minister of National Economy, Khaled Al-Aseeli, who attended the celebration in Al-Wasl Square, said: “On behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, and on behalf of the Palestinian people, I thank His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the State and Ruler of Dubai, for the generous care and fraternal embrace of the pavilion of the State of Palestine at (Expo 2020 Dubai).

He added: "We express our utmost appreciation and thanks for the efforts made by the sisterly Emirates, in particular the Emirate of Dubai and those in charge of the (Expo) management, and our pride in what it has accomplished in hosting and genuine Arab generosity for this global event, and its preparations, equipment, beautiful architecture, and distinctive creativity in building This is a global edifice, which is what distinguished (Expo 2020 Dubai) so well.”

The Asayel Folklore Troupe presented a special performance to the audience, who interacted with folk songs.

Founded in Ramallah in 1994, the band has become one of the most popular bands in the region, and has more than 100 members who are dancers and singers.

The Palestine pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai embodies the land rooted in the depths of history, which embraces tourism and investment, and the tour simulates the height above the streets of Jerusalem.

The pavilion also introduces its visitors to manufacturing opportunities.

Visitors to the pavilion can see the landmarks of Palestine, inhale its aroma and taste its delicious food.

The Jubilee stage also hosted a special ceremony on this occasion, which included a variety of Palestinian musical events and performances.

The artist, Tony Kattan, ignited feelings of nostalgia for the land of Palestine among the audience of the jubilee platform with his patriotic and heritage songs, which he performed with his melodious voice.

The cheers were raised when he performed his famous song "Palestine", and other well-known national and Arab songs, such as the song "Paradise Paradise", the "Kufiyah" song, and others.

The "Expo 2020" audience also received the star of the third edition of the "Arab Idol" program, "Beloved of the Arabs", Manal Musa, the daughter of Deir al-Assad, with warm applause, and he interacted with her performance and her authentic Palestinian voice, while she performed a selection of Tarab songs from the Palestinian heritage.

Manal sent a message of love to the audience, wishing them and Palestine all happiness and peace.

 Dabke "Asayel"

To revive the authentic Palestinian heritage, the Asayel Folklore Troupe presented a distinguished performance of the Palestinian Dabkeh to the rhythm of national folk music and songs.

Najeeb Al-Ali:

“Palestine Pavilion, with its unique design and creative richness, presents a wonderful and innovative image of the rich and immortal heritage that Palestine abounds in throughout its long history.”

Khaled Al-Osaili:

"We are proud of what Dubai has accomplished in hosting this global event, and its preparations, equipment and beautiful architecture."