McDonald's has launched “the green charging bike table” in China.

The fast-food giant confirmed in a press release that it had installed bicycles to charge its phone in two restaurants in September 2021. This novelty had made the buzz after the publication of a video on TikTok, reports Business Insider this Wednesday.

pretty sure engaging in exercise while eating isnt a good idea.

- Viktor Morte (@ViktorMorte) December 19, 2021

In the images, we can see a woman sitting at a table, riding a stationary bike while eating a hamburger and sipping her soda.

The restaurant in question is said to be located in Shanghai.

The video elicited many reactions, sometimes critical: "I'm sure that exercising while eating is not a good idea", comments one Internet user.

"I'm sure she burned 20 calories by ingesting 800," replied another.

Recharge your phone while eating

In its press release, McDonald's explains that it wants to motivate its customers to adopt an ecological behavior through bicycles.

These generate electricity and charge electronic devices such as cell phones.

The brand would thus make its establishments “friendlier” and aim for a “low carbon objective”.

The American giant also specifies that it has introduced these bikes as part of the Chinese “Upcycle for Good” project.

This initiative launched in China aims to create products with plastic parts from recycled materials.

According to the statement released by the restaurant chain, the company will take people's reactions into account before introducing them to other outlets.


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