▲ Ministers and officials who returned to land

The story of a minister of a country returning to land after a helicopter crash while performing a mission is a hot topic.

The subject of the topic is Police Minister Serge Ghele (57) of Madagascar, an island country in the eastern part of the African continent.

According to foreign media reports such as the BBC on the 21st local time, a helicopter with the minister on board crashed off the northeastern coast of Madagascar Island.

Earlier, on the 20th, a passenger ship sank off the northeastern coast of Madagascar.

Minister Gele was reported to have suffered a helicopter crash while moving to the site of the sinking at around 7:30 that evening to fix the accident.

▲ Minister Serge Ghele lying exhausted 

Due to the sudden crash, Minister Ghele and two safety officials who were on the helicopter at the time fell into the sea, but they arrived safely at the beach of Mahambo Port, Madagascar, 12 hours later, around 7:30 am. 

Ministers and officials who crashed into the sea with a helicopter swam on their own for 12 hours and returned to land. 

A social media (SNS) video showed Minister Gele lying exhausted in a camouflage military uniform.

In the video, Minister Gele looks healthy, beckoning and talking, but his fingers and back are swollen. 

The cause of the helicopter's crash is not known, but authorities say Gele survived by swimming on the helicopter's seat. 

▲ Minister Serge Ghele himself

"I'm not ready to die yet," Ghele said, adding that there were no serious injuries other than the cold. 

Gele was said to have served in the police force for 30 years before being appointed Minister in August.

Police Chief Jafisambatra said, "The minister has always maintained his stamina through exercise, and even after becoming a minister, he has continued to exercise. His physical strength is like 30 years old." "He has a strong heart."

Meanwhile, Madagascar President Andrii Lazoelina tweeted his condolences to the ship-related victims and paid tribute to Minister Ghele and two other officials. 

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(Photo = 'Andry Rajoelina', 'Ministère de la Défense Nationale Madagascar' Twitter, 'Gazetiko' Facebook capture)