The French news agency quoted military and local sources as saying that 100 ISIS operatives were killed last week in the Nigerian army’s bombing of the organization’s camps in the northeast of the country.

The sources indicated that on December 13, fighter jets bombed 3 camps of the Islamic State in West Africa State (ISWAP), killing more than 100 fighters, including a number of leaders.

And ISIS-West Africa Province has consolidated its control over the northeast of the country since the killing of Boko Haram leader Abu Bakr Shekau during clashes between these two rival organizations last May.

The "Islamic State - West Africa Province" was established in 2016 following the defection of fighters from the Boko Haram group, which it accuses in particular of killing Muslim civilians.

"Air operations carried out by the new Super Tucano aircraft acquired in recent months targeted Arena Soro, Arena Seki and Arena Mamasalachi in Marti district where more than 100 terrorists were killed," a military official said.

Nigeria received between last June and October about 10 Super Tucano fighter jets to fight jihadist groups.

A source close to the Nigerian intelligence explained that it is difficult to give a specific toll of the dead militants, but confirmed that "the number is more than 100."

A large number of militants had taken refuge in these three camps after the army bombed several towns controlled by the organization a few days ago.

A local fisherman confirmed that the organization suffered heavy losses during the bombing, "and they buried more than 100 bodies in the town of Todoun, Guinea, and they needed a whole day for that."

Since the start of the Boko Haram insurgency in 2009 in northeastern Nigeria, the violence has killed nearly 36,000 people and displaced two million people.