According to Kalle Etzell, one of the reasons why it has been difficult to receive new patients is that it has taken too much time to sit in large teams and talk about patients instead of meeting patients - it has cost staff time, he says. 

Over two years of queuing time

According to information requested by SVT Dalarna, there is a long wait for care.

Over two and a half years of waiting time to get a neuropsychiatric investigation and over two years of waiting time for psychotherapy or conversations.

This is what it looks like for those who have been waiting the longest for care at the adult psychiatry in Falun right now.

Lack of doctors part of explanation

Emma is one of those waiting for care.

She describes that she has received drug treatment - but that she lacks follow-up of medication and talk therapy.

And the lack of medical follow-ups explains the head of operations as follows:

- That is the shortage of doctors we have had.

Some have had to wait too long for a doctor's visit, if they then have a medical need for medicine, they have been given a prescription but have not met anyone who has followed up the medicine.