- She will be given other tasks within the prosecutor's office and will leave the post from 1 January, says Tamm's manager Thomas Häggström to SVT.

He does not want to say why the decision was made or if Tamm himself was involved in the relocation.

- We do not comment on personnel issues.

We have agreed on this solution.

According to SVT's experience, the relocation has provoked strong criticism internally when it became known at the end of last week.

- It is the worst possible timing, says a source.

- The management has not given any comprehensible explanation, says another.

- The message has aroused surprise internally, says Deputy Chief Prosecutor Thomas Ahlstrand to SVT.

Compared Rinkeby with war zone

Lise Tamm has made several statements that provoked reactions.

In 2017, she likened Rinkeby to a war zone, a statement that, among others, the then National Police Chief Dan Eliasson objected to.

Thomas Häggström claims, however, that the controversy surrounding her did not play a role in the relocation.

Is there any dissatisfaction with her?

- As I said, we do not comment on personnel issues.

According to Thomas Häggström, Tamm will from 1 January work with development work.

Lise Tamm gives a short comment to SVT about the transfer:

- I move on to new assignments that I am happy with, I have made an agreement with my boss and there is no dispute between us.

I am very proud of the work we have done but I am now moving on because I want to do something else.

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Hear when the prosecutor compares Rinkeby with war zone Photo: Claudio Bresciani, TT, Ali Lorestani / TT