Yemeni forces are preparing for a major military operation against the Houthi militia

Yemeni military sources revealed to "Emirates Today" great military and combat preparations for the army and local resistance forces, to start a military operation they described as "major" in new governorates that will lead directly to the Yemeni capital, Sana'a.

The sources confirmed that coordination was coordinated with the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy, during the last stage, to start a large-scale military operation led by military forces with qualitative training, and not subject to any partisan or regional dictates, which came in accordance with the army’s recent arrangements, and new fronts will be opened in governorates with a strong character. Strategic geographer, without referring to those provinces as military secrets.

The sources stated, that large reinforcements have been sent to three Yemeni governorates, with the aim of starting this operation, which will coincide with air support by Arab coalition fighters, and logistical support by other international forces, and will also coincide with the announcement of extensive changes in the leaders of the Yemeni army that are being prepared. currently.

In addition, the battles continued between the Yemeni army forces and the tribes on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other hand, in the northern axis of the Yemeni governorate of Al-Jawf, concentrated in the Al-Yatama and Al-Khanjar fronts in the Khub and Al-Sha`f districts, and Al-Qa`if in the Bart Al-Anan district, for the fourth consecutive day, during which the army forces managed And the tribes, with the support of the coalition fighters, regained several locations, including Jabal Habash in Al-Yatama.

Field sources confirmed that the army and tribes forces, with the support of the coalition fighters, were able to recapture sites in the Al-Safa area, east of Jabal Habash, including Al-Wajf and Jabal Omar, before being able to recapture Jabal Habash and Qashaan at dawn today, while the militia members fled due to the strikes to the Zallaq area. Where it is surrounded on three sides.

And it reported, that the Houthi militia incurred heavy losses as a result of the strikes of the army and tribes, and the raids of the coalition fighters, and 45 bodies of Houthi elements were counted, in addition to the inventory of 6 burned vehicles as a result of the coalition raids in the vicinity of the orphan.

Over the past four days, the fronts of the northern axis of Al-Jawf governorate witnessed fierce battles between the two sides, centered in Wadi Salba and Al-Qa'if between the districts of "Khub, Al-Sha`f and Bart Al-Anan", and on the fronts of Al-Yatama and Al-Khanjar, which left many dead and wounded on both sides.

In Ma’rib, the battles raged between the two sides on the fronts of the sandy and mountainous axis in the south of the governorate, concentrated in the eastern al-Balaq vicinity, in the areas of Al-Falaj, Al-Aqdah, Al-Amoud and Rawdat Dhanna, in which the Houthis suffered heavy losses.

Field sources indicated that the army and tribes carried out many ambushes and qualitative detours on Houthi sites and gatherings in those open areas between the Baluk and the Black Mountains. The coalition supported, and a Houthi drone was shot down in the eastern Baluk.

For its part, the coalition fighters launched a series of precise and focused raids on Houthi sites, targets and mechanisms in southern Marib, and in the districts of Serwah in the west, and Raghwan in the northwest, which resulted in the destruction of 18 combat vehicles, including three vehicles loaded with weapons and combat supplies.

The coalition had announced earlier the implementation of 19 targeting operations against Houthi sites in Marib and Al-Jawf, which led to the destruction of 11 vehicles and the death of 80 Houthis.

On the other hand, field sources confirmed the killing of prominent Houthi leaders in the confrontations of the past hours, including the prominent field leader Ahmed Al-Moayad, the leader Jalal Ali Al-Rakhmi, Al-Makani, the leader Hassan Yahya Al-Asadi, and the leader close to Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, Abu Ammar Al-Marouni from Saada Governorate.

On the other hand, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced today the interception and destruction of two drones launched by the Houthi militia towards Abha International Airport in the southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a march launched towards Khamis Mushait was also intercepted and destroyed.

The coalition confirmed that the planes were launched from Sanaa airport, as the militias tried to target travelers at Abha airport.

In Taiz, the joint forces continued to clear the Shamir Mountains in the Moqbna district of mines and explosive devices planted by the Houthi militia, while three Houthi vehicles were destroyed, trying to advance towards the joint sites in the district.

The military media of the joint forces stated that militia reinforcements were monitored on board three combat vehicles on the outskirts of the Moqbna district, and they were quickly destroyed, killing and wounding those on board.

In Hodeidah, the joint engineering teams continued to remove mines and explosive devices from roads, farms and homes in the liberated areas in the vicinity of Hays District, where many of them were removed. During the removal process, Colonel Farhan Al-Saidi, Engineering Commander of the 8th National Resistance Brigade, was martyred.

In Sanaa, informed sources confirmed that the Houthi militia had hired 70 members of Al-Qaeda, who were equipped, armed and sent to the Marib fronts.

This coincides with the funeral of the militias' 227 of its members, including 164 leaders, while it acknowledged the death of more than 32 thousand 181 of its members from Sana'a governorate alone, since the beginning of the battles, out of 74,000 dead.

In Dhamar, the militias have acknowledged the killing of about four thousand of their members in the battles taking place in the vicinity of Marib since the beginning of this year, while the death toll in Dhamar has been more than 14,700 since the appointment of Muhammad al-Bakhiti as governor of Dhamar two years ago.

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