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Non-binding plans: a cheap 130 GB plan until December 22

Are you looking for freedom?

As for its non-binding plans, Cdiscount Mobile offers subscriptions of all sizes.

But its most interesting formula remains the 130 GB package, which is available at only € 7.99 / month for 12 months, then at € 20.99 / month.

Like all other plans without operator commitment, you can enjoy 130 GB of data at a very low price for one year.

You will then have the opportunity to change your offer, without any constraints.

Take advantage of Cdiscount Mobile offers

With 130 GB of mobile data, you can meet all your internet surfing desires and all your download needs, without ever worrying about running out.

With 13 GB of usable data in the EU and overseas departments, you will be able to stay online even on vacation.

Other packages also show reduced prices:

  • The 5 GB plan at € 3.99 / month for one year, then € 7.99 / month.

    With 5 GB usable abroad, it is designed for small consumers.

  • The 60 GB plan is € 9.99 / month for life.

    Subscribe to this plan now and enjoy its beautiful data envelope forever.

  • The 200 GB plan at € 9.99 / month for one year, then € 19.99 / month.

    With 15 GB usable abroad, it meets virtually unlimited needs.

  • The 5G 130 GB package offers a solution allowing you to browse even faster, for only € 19.99 / month for 24 months.

    It also offers 20 GB usable in the EU and the DOM.

Take advantage of Cdiscount Mobile offers

Plans with commitment: take advantage of a free iPhone 8 or Samsung S9

If you need to change your phone, look instead to Cdiscount Mobile's commitment plans.

Right now, you can even enjoy a cheap, and even free, iPhone or Samsung device.

The package to remember is the 100 GB package. With a 24-month commitment, this package at € 29.99 / month offers you a refurbished iPhone 11 for only € 19.99, free delivery as a bonus.

With its 6.1 "screen and a 12-megapixel camera, the Apple phone comes with an extremely generous data package.

Take advantage of this offer

With the 150 GB plan, add even more mobile data to further reduce the price.

By choosing to subscribe for € 24.99 / month, the refurbished iPhone XR will be available to you for € 9.99.

A smartphone for less than 10 €, who could say better?

That's not all.

With the 60 GB plan, you can also receive a refurbished iPhone 8 or Samsung S9 for free.

For only € 14.99 / month with a 24-month commitment, you can have your mobile plan and the accompanying smartphone.

A complete formula to equip yourself in one go.

Take advantage of Cdiscount Mobile offers

Smartphones are at very low prices right now.

Some of Cdiscount Mobile's offers are only valid for a few days.

So be sure to make your choice before the plan of your dreams is gone.

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