China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association: Short video programs are not allowed to cut film and television dramas without authorization

  On December 15, the China Online Audiovisual Program Service Association issued the "Detailed Rules for the Review of Online Short Video Contents" (2021).

It is reported that the association organized the relevant short video platform to comprehensively revise the 2019 version of the "Detailed Rules", and improve the original 100 standards in 21 categories to keep pace with the times.

  In response to the new manifestations of pan-entertainment, vulgar, vulgar and kitsch issues that are of high concern to the society, as well as pan-entertainment deteriorating the ecology of public opinion, using minors to produce bad programs, disseminating radio, television and online audiovisual program fragments in violation of regulations, introducing and broadcasting without approval Typical outstanding issues such as overseas programs provide more specific and clear work guidelines for the frontline reviewers of short video platforms.

The new version of the "Detailed Rules" stipulates that short video programs, etc., shall not appear "showing the chaos of the'rice circle' and unhealthy fan culture, advocating hype traffic supremacy, deformed aesthetics, fanatical following, fan irrational voices and support, celebrity scandals." Authorized to cut and adapt various audio-visual programs and clips such as movies, TV series, online TV series, etc. "to induce and instigate the public to participate in virtual currency "mining", trading, and speculation" and other content.

(Xu Panpan, CCTV reporter, CCTV)