News 1+1丨Omi Keron strikes, how do we respond?

  In my country’s two major port cities—Tianjin and Guangzhou, there have been cases of imported Omi Keron variant infections.

As the first city in China to respond to the local epidemic of the Delta mutant strain, what measures will Guangzhou take this time?

"News 1+1" attention: Omi Kejon strikes, how do we respond?

  On the 15th, newly imported asymptomatic infections from overseas are not related to those infected with "Omi Keron"

  At noon on the 15th, there was a new case of asymptomatic infection associated with imported overseas in Guangzhou, and the nucleic acid was negative for the previous 7 times.

So is this case also infected with the Omi Keron mutant?

  Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The newly-added asymptomatic infection associated with overseas imports in Guangzhou on the 15th is a staff member of the Guangzhou inbound transfer special class. At present, the source of his infection has been investigated clearly, and it is in the process of transferring overseas cases. Infection caused by accidental exposure.

The gene sequencing result of the nucleic acid test was released on the evening of the 15th. It was a mutant strain of Delta, which was not related to the Omi Keron infected person we reported earlier.

  Guangzhou increases the frequency of nucleic acid testing for close contacts of patients diagnosed with Ome Keron

  Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention: For the close contact and the second close contact of this Omi Keron-infected person, management and testing are carried out in strict accordance with national regulations.

We have increased the frequency of testing for this close contact of the Ome Keron infected person. Currently, we have achieved one-day testing. So far, the test results have been negative.

  How do you mention Guangzhou’s “upgraded management and control” of the personnel on the same plane with the confirmed case of Omi Keron?

  Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Because the knowledge of the Omi Keron mutant strain is still relatively limited, everyone is generally worried that it may have a stronger spreading power.

Therefore, all passengers and staff of the entire flight (flight taken by the infected person of Omi Keron) shall be managed as close contacts.

According to the usual rules before, passengers who are (infected) "the first three rows and the back three rows" and some people who have been in contact during the flight will be sentenced to close contact.

  Thank you for the early notification of the Omi Keron infected person and the closed-loop transfer directly at the airport

  Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Closed-loop transfer is a management measure currently implemented by Guangzhou for foreign immigrants.

For foreign immigrants who have completed a 14-day centralized quarantine in other provinces and cities, a "7+7" management will be carried out after returning to Guangzhou.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the 67-year-old infected person who came back from overseas, because he notified the community committee (his itinerary) in advance, and then according to the procedure, we directly carried out the closed-loop transfer at the airport (to him), and he got off the plane. There is a dedicated shuttle bus and a dedicated passage, and a medical ambulance transports him to his home, realizing a closed-loop transfer.

  In the face of the Omi Keron mutant strains that have been discovered, what will Guangzhou do next?

  Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention: I hope to strengthen monitoring, find out as soon as possible, and deal with it as soon as possible.

According to the specific situation, we should increase the level when we increase the level, and increase the level of control when we increase the control. In short, we must cut the transmission chain as soon as possible.

  Or spread faster than Delta, facing Omi Keron, Guangzhou is "sleepy"

  Zhang Zhoubin, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Center for Disease Control: In May of this year, when Guangzhou encountered the first local epidemic of delta mutant strains, we realized that we need to improve the speed of epidemic handling and control to effectively deal with the increasing transmission of mutations. Virus.

In view of the uncertainty of the current Omi Keron mutant strain, we treat it as a stronger opponent than the Delta mutant strain. This also requires us to always remain vigilant.

At present we are on duty 24 hours a day, and we are waiting for it.

When we first discovered a suspected epidemic, we didn’t know what mutant strain caused the epidemic, but no matter what the situation, we would dispatch and respond as soon as possible, so that we could "race the virus" and run as far as possible. In front of the virus.

  Guangdong accounts for 90% of the country’s immigrants every day. Under Omi Keron’s attack, how does Guangzhou face the pressure of “foreign defense import”?

  Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control: As an important port city, Guangzhou has been under tremendous pressure from "foreign defense import" all the way, especially when the global epidemic is ushering in the fourth wave of peaks. The pressure is even greater.

We have recently been constantly reviewing whether there are loopholes in the prevention and control links of our entire process, especially in the port of entry, in the places of entry isolation, and the sensitivity of some sentinel monitoring, and so on. We are all reviewing. , In review, to see if there is room for improvement.

  In response to Omi Keron, personal protection and vaccination are still the two magic weapons

  Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: The epidemic has not yet passed, and the two magic weapons to prevent the epidemic must still be adhered to:

  ①Do physical protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate more, gather less, and maintain social distance. This is still the most effective and simple protection method.

  ② Strengthen personal resistance and actively vaccinate the new crown vaccine. If the booster injection (requirement) is met, we will have the booster shot. If the full course of immunization has not been completed, we must complete the full course of immunization.