In Australia, where foreigners have been banned from entering the country in principle to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Japanese immigration restrictions have been relaxed on condition of vaccination, and tourists and international students are about 1 in the country. It was restarted for the first time in 9 months.

Australia has banned foreigners from entering the country since March last year, but as vaccination progresses in the country, immigration restrictions are being relaxed.

On the 15th, entry was resumed for travelers from Japan and South Korea, provided that vaccination had been completed.

A flight from Haneda Airport arrived at Sydney Airport on the morning of the 15th, and tourists and international students from Japan landed one after another.

A 24-year-old woman who entered the country to study abroad said, "I thought I had no choice but to enter the country at this opportunity. I'm glad I've been waiting for two years."

"I'm looking forward to seeing his Australian family for the first time and going to the sea," said a 25-year-old office worker.

In Australia, the number of people infected with the new corona is on the rise again, but the government has announced coexistence with the corona and has not changed its policy of continuing to ease immigration restrictions and so on.

However, with increasing vigilance against mutant viruses and Omicron strains, quarantine is obligatory for immigrants, although the period varies from state to state.