• Eric Zemmour's political party is structured in Haute-Garonne.

  • Among the 1,200 members of the department who would have joined Reconquête in a week are former militants of the RPR, the RN and abstainers.

They are in working order, ready to stick posters, make proposals or boxes for their candidate. A week after the creation of Reconquête, Eric Zemmour's political party, the youth of Generation Z in Haute-Garonne and friends of Eric Zemmour are now working together to organize their federation which, according to its executives, has more than 4,000 supporters. and 1,204 members.

“In Occitania, we have 23,314 supporters and 6,250 members. These are for a third of the former members of the Republicans, mostly ex-RPR, a third comes from the National Rally and a third of the abstainers, which is in my opinion the most interesting ", explains Chantal Dounot-Sobraques, the regional coordinator. of the movement, which made controversial outings a few years ago. This former elected to the Capitol under the Baudis, Douste-Blazy and Moudenc eras, had joined the list of Louis Aliot during the regional elections of 2015.

Disappointed by Marine Le Pen, "who by trying to demonize her party is going towards a drift", she considers having found in the ideas of the polemicist those of the former RPR.

For her, the common point of all these admirers of Eric Zemmour is "the same suffering, a desire to prevent France from falling apart under the blows of immigration and globalization".

Difficult sponsorship race

At his side, there is Martine Gaussens, 68, who had never previously participated in political life, considering that an "oligarchy had locked the system".

She embarked on the movement born on November 17, 2018. Like Benjamin Cauchy, who stood out in Toulouse during the Yellow Vests and became the Overseas Coordinator for Eric Zemmour's campaign

Coming from an affluent socio-professional category, Martine Gaussens indicates having "been compassionate for these people who have shown their despair". In recent months, she has decided to get involved alongside the polemicist, in particular by calling the some 130 mayors of the municipalities of the canton of Bagnères-de-Luchon, to seek sponsorship from the mayors. What is far from being won, "some are afraid of being ostracized, of losing their subsidies," says the deputy departmental delegate of the party, whom she co-directs with Gérard Danens, a former MPF under Philippe de Villiers. For now, very few mayors have passed the course in the department.

They can rely on the young people of Generation Z who have joined the political party, ready to go towing in the markets or even put up posters.

“In Occitania we have 330 active activists, including 90 in Toulouse.

Almost 90% of these young people have never set foot in politics, there is a real craze.

This week, in the department, we received more than 150 requests, ”says its regional manager, Victor Filippi.

Among them, students, but also engineers in large numbers.

A network that will serve them to line the cities, but also the countryside, with the face of Eric Zemmour, who could spend at the beginning of the year in Toulouse for a meeting.


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