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The winners of the 'Funny Pet Photo Exhibition' held in the UK have been announced. 

The long-awaited target is a picture of Pepper, a dog living in England.

Pepper, Labrador Retriever, ran happily along the floating soap bubbles in the yard, and looking at the photos, the moment as if he had farted was exquisitely captured.

In the cat category, a photo with an expression titled 'Why are you interfering!' was taken of Jeff, a cat living in the UK, with a striking expression, and in the dog category, a photo showing off his charisma, like a small American dog roaring in fallen leaves. .

In addition, pictures of familiar horses showing their teeth and greeting them with a bright smile, and pictures of two 2-week-old chicks seriously observing their shadows as if they were scholars also drew attention.

Netizens commented, “As expected, pets are love.

They are all so cute.”, “These photos are more precious because they contain a lot of love.”

(Screen source: Comedy Pet Photo Awards)