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December 14, 2021 The Omicron variant cases registered in the last 24 hours in Europe are 441, for a total of 2,127 since the appearance of the new variant. These are the data of the daily update of the

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. 

The report indicates 17 cases in Austria, 73 in Belgium, 3 in Croatia, 3 in Cyprus, 9 in the Czech Republic, 268 in Denmark, 26 in Estonia, 20 in Finland, 130 in France, 101 in Germany, 5 in Greece, 2 in Hungary, 20 in Ireland, 27 in Italy, 5 in Latvia, 1 in Liechtenstein, 1 in Luxembourg, 62 in the Netherlands, 1,176 in Norway, 49 in Portugal, 8 in Romania, 3 in Slovakia, 49 in Spain and 51 in Sweden . 

A preliminary analysis of the data shows that imported or travel-related cases now account for only 13% of the total. The ECDC also confirms that "all cases in the EU / European Economic Area (EEA) for which information on severity is available were asymptomatic or mild. So far, no deaths related to Omicron have been reported in the EU / See". The ECDC reminds that the cases included in the report are only those in which the Omicron variant has been confirmed by sequencing. They therefore reflect the genetic monitoring activity active in each country and not necessarily the actual diffusion of the variant.

The case of

Denmark is


, which carries out an intense genetic investigation on positive cases and which for some days has been aimed at identifying specific sequences of the Omicron variant: "Denmark reported 268 cases as confirmed through the sequencing of the whole genome and 3.169 as confirmed at level national through a specific PCR for the variant ", writes the ECDC.