(Focus on Strait Forum) New Party Chairman Wu Chengdian hopes to "return to the mainland by train": "Landing" is not "leaving home"

  China News Service, Pingtan, December 12 (Zheng Jiangluo) "Pingtan is the place where the mainland of the motherland is closest to the island of Taiwan. Some time ago, an online song "Go to Taiwan in 2035" was very popular, reflecting the public's interest in realizing the high-speed rail connection between Beijing and Taiwan. The good wishes of both sides of the strait." New Party Chairman Wu Chengdian said when attending the 10th Common Home Forum in Pingtan on the 12th.

  On the same day, the 10th Common Home Forum opened in Pingtan.

At the opening ceremony, Wu Chengdian expressed the hope that the passenger route from Pingtan to Taiwan will resume as soon as possible, and that Pingtan will be connected first, so that the two sides of the strait should be fully connected. He also hopes that the desire to return to the mainland by train will be realized as soon as possible.

  This time I came across the sea to participate in the 13th Strait Forum. Wu Chengdian's itinerary was full. From Xiamen to Pingtan, he frequently appeared in various exchange activities.

  Regarding the theme of this year's Common Home Forum, "Good Life, Good Future", Wu Chengdian believes that this is a simple and clear expression of Pingtan's vision of building a "common home for compatriots on both sides of the strait".

  At the forum site, he also shared three key words.

  One is "communication."

In Wu Chengdian’s view, this year’s Straits Forum and Common Home Forum have been held continuously under the adverse influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the DPP authorities’ obstruction of cross-strait exchanges, which fully demonstrates the fact that no matter how much interference and obstacles are encountered, cross-strait exchanges cannot be held. Will stop, not break, not less.

  He said that the Common Home Forum has played an important role in communicating the feelings of compatriots on both sides of the strait and deepening the development of cross-strait integration after ten years. He also hopes that the forum will continue to be run, and the better it will be, so that compatriots on both sides of the strait will get closer and closer. More pro.

  The second is "cooperation."

Wu Chengdian believes that the mainland market is very large and has big advantages. Although the Taiwan market is small, it also has small characteristics. If a small place wants to develop, it must go out of the existing small circle and walk its own path; "small" and "big" are combined. Getting up is "tip", so the two sides of the strait must work together to create a win-win situation.

  He further pointed out that Pingtan and Taiwan have become closer and closer in economic and trade, logistics, and personnel exchanges, and exchanges have become more frequent.

He expects Pingtan and Taiwan to explore a larger, higher-level, and broader path of exchanges and cooperation. He also called on Taiwanese businessmen and youths to seize the opportunity and bravely step out to pursue better development.

  The third is "homeland".

He said that the "landing" Taiwan compatriots set up a family and set up a business on the mainland. This is not a "resignation" but "the integration of the family." "The compatriots on both sides of the strait are one family, and the land of China is our common home."

  "Home is a familiar, cordial, warm, and practical harbor that gives us strength, let us rely on, and help us grow." Wu Chengdian said affectionately. For the majority of Taiwan compatriots, especially the young people in Taiwan, the mainland is such a home. I hope Taiwanese folks They truly regard the mainland as writers, bring their hearts over, strengthen their sense of identity and belonging, and have the consciousness of taking root.