Facing the new crown epidemic, why can China always insist on "dynamic reset"

  ◎Our reporter Zhang Jiaxing

  Since April last year, there have been more than 40 cluster epidemics in my country, all of which were caused by overseas imports.

Detecting the epidemic, swiftly investigating, quickly blocking, and realizing "dynamic zeroing" are China's "magic weapons" for controlling the epidemic.

  So, what is "dynamic reset"?

Why can China always insist on "dynamic reset"?

At the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Conference on December 11, experts from relevant departments interpreted the "dynamic reset".

  "Dynamic reset" is the best choice

  "'Dynamic zeroing' refers to the rapid eradication of the epidemic through comprehensive prevention and control measures when local cases occur." Liang Wannian, head of the expert group of the Leading Group for Epidemic Response and Disposal Work of the National Health Commission, introduced that dynamic zeroing is the current stage in my country. The best choice and general policy for epidemic prevention and control.

  According to reports, "dynamic zeroing" includes three aspects: First, proactively discover the source of infection in a timely manner.

The source of infection includes patients, asymptomatic infections, and other animals that may carry pathogens. The source of infection is mainly found by monitoring the early warning of fever clinics and some detection and active screening methods.

The second is to quickly adopt public health and social intervention measures after the detection of cases, including control of epidemic spots, management of close contacts, epidemiological investigations, and control measures such as reducing crowd gathering.

The third is effective treatment, mainly using methods such as integrated Chinese and Western medicine to effectively treat patients, as soon as possible and as far as possible to prevent the progress of the epidemic, prevent the severity of the disease, and reduce the occurrence of serious illnesses and deaths.

  Liang Wannian emphasized that the general policy of "Dynamic Zeroing" is to seek to maximize social and economic development and epidemic prevention and control.

  Minimal cost and maximum prevention and control effect

  "Dynamic clearing" requires fast and accurate, and when a case is detected, the epidemic can be quickly extinguished.

The 24-hour gold disposal time at the beginning of the outbreak is very critical.

  Wu Liangyou, Deputy Director of the CDC of the National Health Commission, introduced that at this stage, we are based on focusing on small, early, and basic efforts to improve the ability of epidemic prevention and control and early detection. After an epidemic occurs, we will make full use of the early detection The golden 24-hour disposal time, on the basis of the original full play of the role of the inspection team, further play the role of the circulation and supervision team, highlight the word "fast", and close contact before the epidemic has spread or the infected person does not have the ability to spread The person and the sub-confidant are found, and the possible infected persons are controlled in advance.

  "Dynamic Zeroing" achieves maximum prevention and control results with minimal social costs by efficiently handling sporadic cases and clustered epidemics.

  Goal: Control the epidemic in an incubation period

  Striving to use an incubation period to control the spread of the epidemic in the community is a manifestation of my country's current general policy of "dynamic zeroing".

  In response to the continuous mutation of the virus and the increasing risk of imported epidemics from abroad, how can we achieve an incubation period to control the epidemic?

  Liang Wannian summed up the "five precisions".

He further explained that the first is to accurately find the source of infection, mainly through nucleic acid testing and screening; the second is to accurately identify close contacts, mainly through epidemiological investigations and big data technology; the third is to accurately delineate epidemic areas, epidemic points, and control The scope is mainly through comprehensive research and judgment; the fourth is to accurately adopt prevention and control measures to be effective, landable, temperature-controlled, and sustainable; the fifth is to accurately balance the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and normal production and life.

  Omi Keron can still be "dynamically cleared"

  "Our country's surveillance system has the ability to detect imported cases of Omi Keron mutant strains in a timely manner." Wu Liangyou said that Omi Keron mutant strains do not affect the sensitivity and specificity of existing nucleic acid detection reagents in my country. The National Health Commission has Organize relevant units to closely follow the latest research on the mutation, infectivity, pathogenicity, and impact of the vaccine's immune effect on the Omi Keron mutant strain for analysis and judgment.

  According to reports, in the early stages of the epidemic, full-staff nucleic acid testing was the most important and urgent task of controlling the epidemic. By mobilizing nucleic acid testing resources to meet the needs of nucleic acid testing in epidemic areas, a continuous working mechanism has been formed.

Up to now, there are 11,744 medical and health institutions nationwide that can carry out nucleic acid testing.

Our overall nucleic acid detection capacity has reached 29.95 million samples per day per tube. If it is paired with the "10-mix 1" detection method, the detection capacity can be doubled.

  In the next step, the National Health Commission will closely follow the global trend of Omi Keron mutant strains, continue to adhere to the overall strategy of "preventing foreign imports and preventing internal rebound", strictly implement the management of entry personnel and goods, and strictly prevent Omi Keron The import and dissemination of mutant strains will increase research on Omi Keron mutant strains, and provide scientific and technological support for my country's precise prevention and control and vaccine research and development.