• A recycled glass and steel cone has been installed in place of the traditional Christmas tree on Place Pey-Berland in Bordeaux, as an alternative to cutting down a tree.

  • 20 Minutes

    launched a call for contributions from Internet users, collecting hundreds of opinions on this thorny subject.

  • While many find it cold and charmless, contrary to the magic of Christmas, some appreciate the enhancement of a work of art and salute the originality of the installation.

Since Christmas 2020, there is no longer a giant tree on the square of the town hall of Bordeaux. When he was still in the municipal opposition, Pierre Hurmic, the mayor (EELV) of Bordeaux, chained himself to a chestnut tree in Place Gambetta to avoid, in vain, the cutting of 17 large trees. Once elected mayor, he therefore wanted to look for an alternative to cutting down a large conifer for the end of year celebrations. After mapping on the facade of the cathedral last year, an 11-meter-high glass cone made by designer Arnaud Lapierre was installed and highlighted this Friday, in place of the traditional Christmas tree.

The investment made by the city for this tree made from recycled materials is 136,000 euros.

"It will be amortized over five years but it will surely be reused for a longer period of time," she explains.

As a reminder, the cost of the natural tree, excluding guarding, was 60,000 euros each year.

20 Minutes

launched a call for contributions from Internet users to know their opinion on this glass tree and received hundreds of responses.

If the renouncement of a real tree had already aroused a lot of reactions, its replacement is also widely commented.

"The Christmas spirit" undermined?

It is difficult to replace such a symbol, as evidenced by the many negative comments left by contributors. "I find this tree extremely ugly and it disfigures the place," wrote Céline. It also spoils the Christmas spirit. "" It has nothing to do with a traditional Christmas tree that embodies the Christmas spirit. This mass of glass has no interest, ”adds Pierrette. Jacques is also moved by the disappearance of traditions, adding that "this so-called tree is cold and sad while each year a new tree brings warmth".

Others question its ecological character.

"Tons of CO2 were emitted to produce this steel, whereas cutting a tree and transporting it emits much less, and all the more if the tree is then chopped to make compost or firewood", Pierre believes.

"All materials are recycled and recyclable," assured the artist to

20 Minutes

during the presentation of the installation.

The work can be reused for several years.

And, if one day it is dismantled, it can be recycled at least 90%.


A work to experience?

“I saw it this Saturday morning and its brilliance and the reflections of all the surrounding buildings won me over. It remains to be seen in the evening, at night to be totally convinced ”, Serge book. The two-way mirror facets offer play of light that won over some of the contributors. Annie is full of praise for this glass tree that she finds “superb, original, sparkling and in harmony with the cathedral. Breaking the codes is one of the functions of art, no offense to the grumpy who regret a traditional tree that risks falling… ”A reference to 2019 where the big tree did not withstand the storm Fabien.

The glass tree, an artistic creation by Arnaud Lapierre, invites us to capture the nuances of light that differ according to the variations of day or night.

Designed and manufactured in #Bordeaux, recycled and recyclable, it will be reused each year.

Happy Holidays 🌟 pic.twitter.com/tciPSu1F5M

- Pierre HURMIC (@PierreHurmic) December 11, 2021

Armelle is also won over: “Great!

An original tree, a work of art produced locally, a reusable and modular tree thanks to the lights… What more could you ask for?

"And in passing sends a message to the" grumpies ":" buy your trees to put them at home and throw them in the street from January 2! "

Thank you to the municipality for this great idea that makes people talk!


Some Internet users are more nuanced, like Annick and Mathieu, if she thinks that “the recycling symbol is a good initiative” and that the cone is “not so ugly”, they believe that the work “does not convey the magic of a traditional Christmas tree ”.

One thing is certain, it will undoubtedly take a little time for the Bordelais to adopt this glass tree.


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