The author of the material expressed concern that the West allegedly sacrifices Ukraine to Russia.

In his article, he convinces readers of the danger that comes from Moscow and made a number of offensive statements about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the end, Hartwell called on Western countries to "act as a united front against Russia."

WSJ readers expressed their disagreement with the position of the American professor.

“There is quite a lot of false information in this article,” RIA Novosti quotes a commentary from one of its readers.

“Europe is not ours to 'lose', and Ukraine is not our land.

The US and NATO allies will never enter a nuclear war with Russia for the sake of Ukraine, ”said another.

Earlier, White House spokesman Karin Jean-Pierre said that Russia and the United States maintain constant high-level contact regarding the situation around Ukraine.

In turn, American President Joe Biden noted that the United States does not consider the possibility of using its armed forces unilaterally due to disagreements with Russia over the situation around Ukraine.