China News Service, December 10th. Comprehensive foreign media reported on the 10th that billionaire Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, said that he is "considering" resigning and considering becoming a " Full-time internet celebrity".

  Musk wrote on social media: "I'm considering quitting my job and becoming an influencer full-time. What do you think?"

  Musk is very active on social media.

However, research shows that of the 60 million followers on his Twitter account, 28 million are “fake accounts”, accounting for 46.5% of the total number of followers.

Musk has drawn criticism in the past for controversial tweets about Tesla and others.

He has also published Chinese poems and articles congratulating China's aerospace achievements.

Data map: Musk, the founder of Space X.

  On October 28, the US "Wall Street Journal" quoted the Bloomberg Billionaires Index as saying that Musk's book wealth has reached US$287 billion, which is “tens of billions of dollars higher” than other super-rich people in the world.

  In early November, Musk, the CEO of Tesla, launched a poll on social media and asked netizens whether he would support him in selling 10% of Tesla's stock.

  Tesla is the world's most valuable automaker, with a stock price of more than $1 trillion.

After the result of the vote, he sold Tesla stock worth more than US$4 billion to US$5 billion.

  The voting results showed that the majority of people agreed with him to sell the stock. As a result, Tesla's stock price fell 16% at one time, and then partially stabilized.

Data map: Musk.

  The US media once broke the news that the US Democrats intend to impose a "billionaire income tax" and that 10 of the top rich Americans, including Musk and Bezos, may have to pay huge taxes for this reason.

  At the end of November, Musk told Space X employees that the company "faces the risk of bankruptcy" due to the "Raptor" rocket engine development crisis.