In South Korea, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has exceeded 7,000 on the 9th, and the number of seriously ill people is increasing.

In response to this, the Korean government announced that it will shorten the interval from the second vaccination to three months for the third vaccination.

According to the Korean health authorities, the number of newly confirmed new coronavirus infections was 7022 on the 1st of the 9th, exceeding 7,000 for the third consecutive day.

As of the 9th, the number of severely ill cases was 852, the second highest in the past, and 63 cases of infection with the Omicron strain have been confirmed so far.

In South Korea, the vaccination rate has risen to 81%, but the government has been targeting people aged 18 and over on the 10th, starting with the second vaccination, in response to the situation where the spread of infection and the increase in the number of severely ill people cannot be stopped. Announced that the interval until the second time will be shortened.

Specifically, the interval between booster vaccinations, which is 4 months for those aged 60 and over and 5 months for those aged 59 and under, will be advanced to 3 months.

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom, who will accept reservations from the 13th of this month, said at the countermeasures meeting on the morning of the 10th, "In an urgent situation, prompt vaccination is a top priority." I emphasized the idea of ​​hurrying.