China News Service, Xi’an, December 10 (Yang Yingqi and Zhang Yichen) "The history of Long March rocket development is itself a history of hard work, overcoming difficulties, and risk prevention and control. How to create more reliable and excellent power products? Promoting the development of liquid power has always been our top priority." said Liu Zhirang, party secretary of the Sixth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Sixth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology).

  On December 10th, the Long March 4B carrier rocket successfully sent the Shishi-6 Group 05 satellites into the predetermined orbit, and the number of launches of China's Long March series carrier rockets was refreshed to 400.

From 1 to 400, the reliable, stable and powerful engines of various models developed by the Sixth Academy of Aerospace Industry have never been absent. They are the absolute main power of the Long March series of carrier rockets.

  In 1970, the Long March-1 carrier rocket successfully put the "Dongfanghong-1" satellite into the predetermined orbit, and since then opened a new era of China's independent entry into space.

With the development of China's aerospace industry, China's aerospace liquid power industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, and from weak to strong.

  As the only professional research institute in China that integrates the research, design, production and testing of the main power system of the launch vehicle, the orbit control power system and the space vehicle propulsion system.

For more than half a century, the Sixth Aerospace Academy has broken through a series of key and core technologies for liquid rocket engines, ranging from conventional propellants to high-energy cryogenic propellants, and thrust from millinew-level to 480 tons, and has developed hundreds of types suitable for the Long March series. The liquid rocket engine of the rocket.

  The Sixth Academy of Aerospace said that in order to meet the new requirements of Long March rocket quality change, efficiency change, and power change, the Academy has continued to make efforts in liquid power technology innovation, and gradually formed the development of a new generation of small, medium and large launch vehicles. planning.

A new generation of launch vehicle power such as CZ-5, CZ-6, CZ-7, and CZ-8 has been successfully developed, laying the power foundation for the Long March rocket family.

  "The shortening of the time interval between each 100 launches not only indicates that the high-density launch of Long March rockets has been normalized, but also reflects the rapid development of China's aerospace and the rapid improvement of China's scientific and technological level and comprehensive national strength. In this process, liquid power has never been Absence provides advance power guarantee and technical support." said Wang Wanjun, president of the Sixth Aerospace Academy.