A Korean song resounded during Chanel's Paris fashion show, a global luxury brand.

"To the land of the red sun shining on the white wave" is

Chanel's 2021-22 workshop collection show held in Paris, France on the 7th local time.

Models walk down the runway to the DJ's music.

However, towards the second half of the show, a blonde woman appeared on the stage behind the runway.

The woman, seated next to the DJ, soon grabbed the microphone and started singing in Korean lyrics.

This blonde woman's identity is Korean model Soju, who just walked up the runway and showed off a gorgeous catwalk.

The song sang on this day was 'Hat-nim' released in June by Su-ju, who is also active as a singer, and it is a cover production of Kim Jung-mi's sunshine, which was written and composed by singer Shin Shin-hyun.

Soo Joo's management company explained, "It is unusual for a Korean song to be played live on the stage of a global fashion show," adding that "chanel and Soo Joo both talked about music and naturally led to this live stage."

(Screen source: YouTube CHANEL)