• Four years after his death, fans of Johnny Hallyday met, this Thursday, at the Church of the Madeleine, place of his funeral, to pay homage to him.

  • These fans, of all ages, came from all over France to meet and celebrate a mass dedicated to him.

  • At the end of the day, they could meet for a concert in the church, then in a bar to celebrate the singer.

The Madeleine district leaves nothing to filter out. Only an American motorcycle, parked at the back of the church, attracts onlookers. In addition to being a Harley-Davidson, a legendary rocker frame, it proudly sports the name and face of Johnny Hallyday. His presence is not due to chance this Thursday morning. As passers-by photograph her, her owner and a few hundred other fans of the singer are inside the church.

It has been 4 years since the Taulier left.

To pay him a new tribute, a special day was organized.

Four years to the day after his national funeral in this same church, a mass is celebrated in his honor.

“It's long and short at the same time.

We listen to it every day, but every time we hope to see it again in concert, we are caught up with reality, ”sighs Eddy.

His green Saharan is flanked by the singer's face on the back.

Like many fans, he flaunts his love for his idol.

The priest attacks "Envy"

A few minutes from the ceremony, the atmosphere remains solemn around the church. “I'm coming to collect myself,” Jackie says with an embarrassed smile, “I'm a little older than him, but I have no memory in my life without Johnny, he is part of my story so it makes me happy to come. “See” a little ”. Inside, to keep the first arrivals waiting, the priest performs


 on the dry guitar. The power is not that of Johnny, but the audience listens to him like a sermon.

In the entrance, some volunteers distribute the songs of the Mass.

A mix of timeless Johnny hits and prayers to the Eternal.

Martine and Jean-Louis, perfecto on the back, wait for a friend before walking down the aisles: “It's heartwarming to meet the other [fans].

We're retired so we're going to all Johnny events.

"Coming from Royan for the occasion, they do not count the kilometers:" We were already there for the inauguration of his statue at Bercy.

We even came by motorbike, ”adds Jean-Louis proudly, who had promised his partner not to get on his“ bike ”since an accident.

“But a fan of Johnny, more often than not, it's a motorcycle.


"He touched everyone"

A few meters from the couple, Jean-François laughs as he listens to them: “I don't ride a motorbike, yet I'm here. Behind his thin mustache and his red parka, he adds, moved: "That's it Johnny. These are the leather bikers but also the others like me. It affected everyone. »Difficult to prove him wrong in the eyes of the assembly which is now patient in the church. All ages, all styles are gathered in front of the huge portraits of the singer installed in front of the altar.

As proof, Emma and Camille, 21 and 22, religiously listen to the priest recapture


 from Johnny Hallyday. “I had never noticed that the words sound like a prayer,” Camille wonders. The two young women did not come for the ceremony. Originally from Antibes, they are only there for a few days to visit the capital. It was by chance that they landed at the Madeleine this Thursday morning. “But we stay because it's a myth anyway. We didn't know him much, but our parents were shocked when he died. It's like it's Michael Jackson. "

The end of the ceremony seems to clear the spirits, smiles reappear with the sun outside, and many seem to come together.

Happy and a little noisier than at the entrance, the Desperados, Johnny Hallyday fan club meet in front of the Madeleine for a group photo.

As they discuss the day's program, one thing is for sure, fans gather at the end of the day in the church, but this time for a two-hour concert in memory of the youth idol, followed by an evening at the café a little further where the playlist is already decided.

After the tributes, Johnny fans intend to honor him.

We have seen more abandoned, as a singer.


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