China News Service, December 8th. According to a report by the American Chinese website, a shooting occurred at around 12:30 noon on Tuesday (7th) near Xingshi Primary School, 23rd Street, Chinatown, Chicago, USA, killing an Asian man.

After the incident, the police had arrested a suspect and found a murder weapon.

The police stated that someone shot a man walking on the sidewalk from a silver two-door car, and then the gunman got out of the car and ran away after replenishing several shots to the victim.

  The location of the incident was near Xingshi Primary School in a residential area of ​​Chinatown. The sudden shooting incident has deepened people's concerns about community security.

A resident of Chicago's South Chinatown said that there were police cars everywhere at the time, and the public did not know what was going on, which was very scary.

  At around 1:30 in the afternoon that day, at the scene of the incident, detectives could be seen door-to-door asking for clues.

The surrounding residents told reporters that the police had collected surveillance videos of residents in the place where the incident occurred.

As for the motive of the shooting, Chicago's first district police detective is under investigation.