Chinanews, December 8 According to Russian satellite network reports, the Russian and American presidents held a video meeting on the 7th, and the meeting lasted two hours.

In this regard, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said that Russian President Putin likes to have video talks with US President Biden and believes that the two sides can communicate frankly.

Data map: On June 16, local time, Russian President Putin and US President Biden met in a villa named La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland.

  According to reports, Peskov said: "This approach makes it possible for all parties to have very frank exchanges. At least President Putin likes this approach."

  Peskov added that the time for Putin and Biden to communicate again has not yet been determined.

He pointed out: "The presidents said that after the representatives of the two sides have contacted, they need to communicate again, but they cannot answer the question of when the meeting might be held now."

  According to the news released on the Kremlin website on the 7th, Putin and Biden exchanged views on the implementation of the results of the Geneva talks between the leaders of the two countries, bilateral relations, the situation in Ukraine, the Iranian nuclear issue, and cyber information security during the video meeting. Discussed the Ukrainian crisis and the implementation of the Minsk agreement.

  Recently, Russia-Ukraine relations have deteriorated rapidly, and both sides have deployed a large number of military personnel and equipment in the border areas of the two countries.

The United States and Ukraine claim that Russia may be preparing to "invade" Ukraine by gathering heavy troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Russia denies this statement.