In connection with the fact that the United States and others have announced that they will not dispatch government officials to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno reiterated the idea of ​​deciding what to do as Japan in consideration of various circumstances. rice field.

The government has decided to consider various options, including the postponement of the dispatch of ministers.

The United States and Australia have announced a "diplomatic boycott" of the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics next year without sending government officials.

Regarding this, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a press conference in the morning, "The Japanese government's response to the Beijing Winter Games will be decided at an appropriate time in the future by comprehensively considering various circumstances, but nothing has been decided at this time." Said.

He added, "We hope that the Games will be held as a festival of peace in line with the principles of the Olympic and Paralympic Games."

The government will consider various options until just before the convention, including the postponement of the dispatch of ministers.