United States: boss fires 900 employees in a single year-end Zoom

Teleconference layoffs are legal in the United States.

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The boss of an Indo-American company laid off no less than 900 employees on Zoom, the videoconferencing site, or nearly 10% of its workforce.

It was Wednesday, December 1, an announcement deemed brutal.


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Around 900 employees were invited by their boss to participate in a videoconference.


If you are part of this call, it is because you are one of the unlucky ones who are being made redundant.

Your contract ends with immediate effect

 ”, announced in a laconic tone Vishal Garg, CEO of Better.com, a broker in real estate loans.

The work meeting has turned into a nightmare.

It is not possible

 ", launches an employee who filmed everything on Zoom and who can hardly believe what she has just been fired.

Vishal Garg cites the economic conditions and the difficulties of the company to explain his decision.

However, the New York-based company is valued at seven billion dollars and has just been bailed out by 750 million dollars by its historic investors, Softbank and Aurora Acquisition, according to

the economic daily

Les Echos


Asked about his brutality by

the American magazine


, the boss of Better.com affirms that 250 among the 900 dismissed employees, worked on average only two hours a day, instead of eight.

Vishal Garg is known for his violent practices.

Last year, he insulted his employees by emails dealing with " 

dolphins remained

 ", for being " 

too slow


He even threatened a former associate to "staple him against a" 

fucking wall


burn him alive


according to




Shocking as the practice is, dismissing employees by videoconference is legal in the United States.

Uber behaved in the same way

last year when a customer manager announced their dismissal to several thousand employees by videoconference.

A video that has gone viral



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